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Thread subject: Snow Owls!
Name Date Message
Melanie 12/03/13 10:57 am Apparently this is going to be a Big Year - for Snow Owls. We are in the midst of a huge irruption and while they are not uncommon for the northern states, they are being seen as far south as the Outer Banks in NC and have even shown up in Bermuda. They are very big birds (think Harry Potter's Hedwig) and will be seen in the most unlikely of areas.

They are not necessarily tree-perchers (not many trees above the Arctic Circle which is their breeding grounds) but one showed up this morning on top of a parked tractor-trailer at Ft. McHenry in Baltimore. Beaches and open fields are also favorite hunting grounds for them as they really like rodents. This is the biggest (and earliest) irruption of them in years.
Nancy L 12/03/13 11:32 am And I was hoping to see one this past Sunday when we were over on Fire Island, but no luck.
Melanie 12/03/13 12:40 pm I remain hopeful I will finally be able to check one off my list. I suspect we will have plenty of time to see one this year.
Pam 12/03/13 07:15 pm I was lucky enough to see a Snowy at Race Rocks a few years ago and I read at one time seven were seen on the island but no luck today. I understand that there are no rodents on RR so the owls would just be resting on their journey or sheltering from bad weather as the one I saw was. However, whilst looking at about 11.30 GMT this evening I saw a river otter and watched it for quite a while. Unfortunately it ran off much quicker than I could keep the cam on it and disappeared over the rocks...may have gone into the water. The snowy pics were in 2006 and you can see them at the following link. Also there are a bunch of another rare visitor in that November batch - a brown pelican.
Melanie 12/05/13 11:53 am The reason for the big irruption: link
FOB Webmaster 12/05/13 09:58 pm eBird has an interactive map showing where folks have reported seeing the owls
Melanie 12/07/13 12:21 pm They are all over. And having to be rescued in PA
Celeste 12/07/13 07:53 pm Sightings Link--some with photos....

Celeste 12/07/13 08:09 pm For the week ending December 6th Snowy Owl was seen at Jones Beach West End....the following is a quote::Unfortunately People are not thinking when they do see them particularly at Jones Beach....

"The SNOWY OWL irruption continues, with possibly unprecedented numbers of mostly immature bird occurring mainly along the South Shore of Long Island, with multiples present at such locations as Jones Beach West End, and Dune Road west of Shinnecock Inlet. Snowies have also been seen regularly in inland counties and away from the coastal shore at sites like Floyd Bennett Field; however, the birds at Jones Beach West End for instance have been subjected to continued harassment, and we can only ask again that people observe owls from a comfortable distance and do not disturb them. Some owls inland have already been found to be emaciated and have even died from starvation, indicating the great stress for survival that they are already under, so please keep your distance and do not add to their stress.
Trishrg 12/07/13 08:57 pm Global warming. What a myth!
zorro89 12/09/13 12:21 pm Now JFK airport is having to shoot the owls cause they're interferring w/flight ops, really sad outcome.


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