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Thread subject: Any Truth In The Rumour....?
Name Date Message
Tiger 01/20/14 03:44 am Any truth in the rumour that ospreys have been sighted in Maryland recently?
Melanie 01/20/14 09:24 am Not so far. I get all the state-wide MD birding reports on a daily basis and so far there has been no mention. Even by last years' last years' standards that's pushing it a bit much. We're even expecting anywhere from 3 - 8" of snow tomorrow.

We have had an increase in the number of osprey that are over-wintering in the southernmost part of the Bay, Last year there were roughly 20 that over-wintered but I haven't even seen anything about them this winter. Perhaps we're too busy seeing snow owls at every turn.
Celeste 01/20/14 11:41 am Yes, that's the hot topic, Snowy Owls up and down the East Coast. I think every one is seeing them EXCEPT ME!!!!!
Tiger 01/21/14 05:02 am Thank you Melanie. I thought it seems a bit early but then anything seems possible these days. There was a report of an "osprey" yesterday in southern England eating a rabbit. Not very likely on two counts.
Tiger 01/21/14 05:03 am Oh what is the snowy owl story about?
Melanie 01/21/14 08:32 pm The eastern part of the US is experiencing the largest irruption of snowy owls in nearly 100 years – there have come down in HUGE numbers that we don't expect to ever see again in our lifetime. It's not unusual to see snowy's along the coastline, but they seem to be everywhere right now, so much so that they have been trapping them at airports and fitting them with satellite trackers.. Unfortunately, for all the huge numbers I have yet to see one. There are two theories as to the occurrence - one is blamed on the lemming population crashing in Greenland, the other is that they had a really good breeding year in Canada (way above the Arctic Circle) and the juveniles have a tendency to come south for an easier first winter down here. Either way, every time I see a shopping bag blowing in the wind I look twice, hoping to finally see one.
Celeste 01/26/14 02:41 pm or a clorox bottle. I found a link on how to look for a snowy owl, and it said what you think is a clorox bottle could be an owl, so once again, Frank and I hit the road to the beach on Freezing Friday, almost sunset, driving through the unplowed parking lots near the dunes,looking at every thing and everywhere. So FRUSTRATING!!!! As we were on the parkway that lead to the beach, we saw in the distance a very large broad bird with a broad head on pole, (which this article said to look for also), but since it was the parkway leading to the beach there was no way we could stop, or confirm anything. I will just continue to "wonder"!!!!
Tiger 01/27/14 11:38 am So these snowys are not quite everywhere. Bad luck Celeste.
Celeste 01/28/14 06:25 am And the quest continues.....went yesterday with specific instructions from someone who had seen a snowy often on the ground. Of course, it wasn't there. Ran into someone who had been walking and looking for three hours straight, (mind you it's freezing at the beach), and didn't see any, yet had seen them in the past. Even ran into another couple who had this gigantic lens taking photos of Harriers and Snow Buntings in particular, and they told me they had seen several Snowy Owls in December....all in the areas that we have been looking. As someone else said, you could be looking right, and the owl is left, and so on!!!!! Today the temps will be very frigid, so I am opting to stay warm and look at other people's photos of their sightings!

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