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Thread subject: Weather in England!
Name Date Message
Shelley 02/13/14 03:14 pm Scary stuff I'm reading! Please check in and let us know that you are ok. I can only imagine how awful it must be for humans, let alone wildlife!
Anne-UK 02/13/14 04:28 pm It's absolutely awful for those affected Shelley. And no sign of better weather for a long time yet. I'm about 20 miles north of the Somerset Levels and in no danger of being flooded thank goodness. How on earth they're coping down there after so many weeks, with every day bringing even worse conditions, I can't begin to imagine.

And now more parts of the country are having the same troubles. Again with no glimmer of hope for improvement any time soon.

In Somerset they've just brought in special pumps from Holland which will pump gallons of water off the land. But they estimate it will take up to six weeks - and that's based on the water levels as they are now. There's another huge storm forecast for tomorrow and a lot more to follow next week. So it could be even longer.

Apparently it's all the fault of the jet stream. What fell as snow in your part of the world a few weeks back is arriving here as rain. I read today that there's more snow hitting the USA today. So more problems that side of the pond and possibly more still to come for this side.

Awful for humans. And devastating for wildlife. And it just goes on and on :(
Shelley 02/13/14 05:25 pm How can some people still not believe in global warming, or more accurately, the effects of climate change. Weather like this doesn't happen out of nothing.
Pam 02/15/14 05:01 am I live in the Midlands and am not personally affected by flooding. It is sunny out right now but the gale force winds have been blowing again all night with rain and more rain.Tomorrow is supposed to be a lull before another whirling weather system blows in from the west. I feel so sorry for those whose lives are being ruined by all this - it is heartbreaking.
Tiger 02/15/14 07:16 pm This extreme weather does seem to getting much more common. Whether that is because of better reporting or not I do not know.

It will be interesting to see how 2014 stacks up when the statistics are worked out. If it keeps on like this then there is going to be a lot of heartbreak.
martyc35 02/15/14 08:54 pm My sympathy to the flooded and weather weary. We are getting much needed rain to break our drought here in California, so that is good, at least for now. I keep reading about the rain and floods in the UK and the snow in the eastern parts of the US, and I don't know what to say to make things any better. Hold on, friends, and hope it lets up.
Anne-UK 02/19/14 04:25 pm "Hold on and hope" is all we can do. Crazy weather everywhere. It does make you wonder just what's going on.

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