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Thread subject: Woods Hole Nest
Name Date Message
Pamela 03/29/14 02:37 pm An osprey sitting patiently waiting on the nest at WHOI.
It has been quite a long time since the Red Tails frightened them and they nested elsewhere. Wonder what will happen this year.
Anne-UK 03/29/14 04:00 pm Two on there right now. Not sure if they're feeling particularly friendly towards each other or not ...

Promising though perhaps. Fingers crossed! Pic
Shelley 03/30/14 07:20 am There's someone on the nest right now! The nest looks nicely built up, too! This could be a good sign!
Weather doesn't look very nice at the moment, though
Shelley 03/30/14 05:29 pm 2 there now, rearranging furniture. One just left but the other remains.

Shelley 03/31/14 08:52 am Two there again this morning; one just took off. The remaining osprey is shifting what appears to be a dead bird, around in the nest. I noticed this last night just before it went dark. This morning,, though, it really does look like a dead bird. Can anyone else verify that this is what I'm actually seeing?

Hmmm. Maybe it's the carcass of a fish. Sounds more likely but that tail sure looks like a bird...
Shelley 03/31/14 09:40 am Woohoo! Mating just took place! Lovely nest, mating, furniture moving, dead fish. Finally, this looks like we might have a promising season ahead at this nest!!


Now, if only there were sound....
jazzel26 03/31/14 11:04 am Shelly, yes the male brought a bird carcass 3/30 afternoon, lots of bird parts in WH left by Snowy Owls. Some territory disputes , minor. Looks good so far.
Pam 03/31/14 04:11 pm Very glad to see action at WH this year. The nest looks so different from when I first watched that webcam, a number of years ago.
Shelley 03/31/14 05:41 pm Thanks, jazzel. Sometimes it's difficult to know what it is you think you are seeing in the nest. We all know how crazy osprey can be when it comes to collecting stuff...!
pua 04/01/14 03:41 pm crazy indeed. There is a white cloth covering the lower portion of the nest.

The pair is continuing to rebuild the nest. Looks like they decided to take the "Vacancy" sign down
Shelley 04/02/14 10:14 am Holy tablecloth, Batman! You aren't kidding! Maybe it's a baby blanket for the (hopefully soon-to-be) eggs and chicks. Or maybe mama just likes her nest cozy.
Shelley 04/03/14 07:23 am Blankie is gone this morning. Or maybe, it's just tucked under her...

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