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Thread subject: Woods Hole junk
Name Date Message
Shelley 04/16/14 01:35 pm Well, the blue rubber glove appears to have made its way out of the nest. But the Mr. and Mrs. Osprey appear to be moving up in the world, as far as taste is concerned. At the moment, just off the centre of the nest, I can see what appears to be a perfectly intact leather glove. Perhaps a motorcycle (or skateboarding?) glove? Some sports type is going to be looking high and low for this one. Very high....

What do you think?

Woods Hole

martyc35 04/16/14 06:15 pm Hmmmm. I see the glove, but I also still see something blue right behind the mom's nesting hole. Someone there seems to have a fetish for gloves. Longing for an opposable thumb, perhaps?
Shelley 04/16/14 07:26 pm I see the blue thing, too but now, as the light fades and with no shadows on the nest at all, it looks less like a glove and more like a shiny, rubbery blob.

So funny. So odd...
Shelley 04/18/14 09:46 am They have added more décor: a plastic bag is there no, in addition to the sports glove and the plastic bottle part.

I find it so interesting that both osprey are so calm and rather oblivious to the bold little sparrows who hop in and around the nest, even while the osprey are home! Neither species seems bothered by the other. Such good neighbours!
Pamela 04/18/14 12:02 pm You're right Shelley, it really is amazing that the two don't notice the sparrows. I wouldn't be surprised if the sparrows have built their nest under the furniture in the upper right hand corner. In other Osprey nests I have seen sparrows fly out from the Osprey's nest when it has been built quite high, but not under such a shallow layer.

Don't you wonder, as I do, whether there will be any eggs?
Shelley 04/18/14 04:16 pm I feel confident that there will be eggs. They are around almost all the time and are taking great care (?!) to decorate and make this a home.

As for the sparrows, I have seen them dive into openings both at that top left corner as well as at the right side where there is a gap. Yesterday, I saw one hop across the nest where the osprey was sitting, grab a tiny twig and take it inside for its own nest! They provide great perspective as to just how huge the osprey are. The sparrows are smaller than the osprey's head! They would make a nice light afternoon snack, if the osprey were so inclined. But it's fun to see them live in apparent harmony (or oblivion).

jazzel26 04/19/14 03:52 pm First egg today at 3:00 pm :)
Shelley 04/19/14 05:01 pm I missed it! Just got hoe and both are on the nest now, with that lovely white whatever-it-is beneath and between them. Yay, this is such a good event!
Shelley 04/20/14 11:36 am LOL! Something very bright BLUE has just landed! Paper? Plastic? Flag?
Nancy L 04/20/14 11:45 am ...and they keep moving that glove around!
Shelley 04/20/14 11:53 am Yes, the glove is still there, lol! Blue thing appears to have blown off. Probably just as well but it sure added colour! :-)
Shelley 04/21/14 08:22 am Good Morning. Blue thing is gone; this morning's décor that is currently engaging the osprey includes what looks like a partly unravelled knitted object, possibly the remains of a hat or scarf? I'm sure it is soft and cozy. But it's not blue... ;-)

So far, I still see only one egg when she stands up. maybe another one will appear today?
bdee2 04/23/14 03:33 pm second egg noted on their FB page....April 22

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