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Thread subject: Woods Hole Nest
Name Date Message
Pamela 06/02/14 07:43 pm Everytime I look into the nest during feeding time the third chick never seems to be in the right place for a morsel. Please someone tell me you have seen the youngest receiving a bite.
Shelley 06/02/14 09:09 pm I find it difficult to even see the actual feedings since there is no option to move to a full screen view, making for a closer look. The third chick does look smaller than the other two, which, I suppose, is normal for the last to hatch. Let's just cross fingers and hope for the best. Once they grow a bit more, and she can no longer cover them, it will be easier to see. I love this nest and hope they all survive.
Shelley 06/03/14 12:28 pm Pamela, I am just watching a feeding now. The bigger two are definitely getting the bulk of the meal and the tiny one, much less so, but she IS being fed. There doesn't seem to be equity, as such, but rather feed the bigger ones till they are full and then move to the little one. I think we knew this, from watching this DPOF cam for so many years but it never gets easier to witness, does it?
Pamela 06/03/14 01:20 pm Thanks, Shelley, I had hoped you were more stalwart than I when it came to watching their feedings!

I zoom in on the nest, but of course it becomes a bit distorted.

I do remember watching DPOF and loved the feisty little one we were all rooting for daily.
Shelley 06/03/14 03:07 pm How do you zoom in on the Woods Hole nest? I don't see a button for that and when I use the maximize on my computer, it really isn't any different
Pamela 06/03/14 04:55 pm Zooming is an option I have on my computer apparently. It is a Tool icon next to an icon for Home and another for View favorites, feeds and history.
Around ten of three, I noticed that someone managing the WHOI camera zoomed in while the three were being fed. Wouldn't it be great if they turned on the audio?
martyc35 06/03/14 05:34 pm "I do remember watching DPOF and loved the feisty little one we were all rooting for daily."
That would have been our little survivor, Flag. I shall never forget him:-).
Shelley 06/04/14 10:15 am Oh Pamela! I found it! The tool symbol on the right side, near the *home* icon! I hadn't realized I could do that! Thanks! (I forgot to zoom it back out just now - realized it when I clicked on this forum and it was HUGE! LOL)
Shelley 06/04/14 05:13 pm A great feeding going on right now. They all had lots to eat and the little one was right up there! :-)
bdee2 06/17/14 06:39 am you can also right click the picture and there will be a popup window

click on "zoom in" and you will get your result.

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