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Thread subject: Woods Hole again
Name Date Message
Shelley 06/09/14 06:12 pm Full feeding going on right now. But here's what puzzles me. Both parents are on the nest, each with his and her own fish. One (mama, I presume) is feeding the 3 chicks (well, 2; the 2 bigger ones almost look like they are holding the little one down! Poor thing). Why wouldn't both parents feed them, so there would be a better chance of all getting enough. There is certainly enough fish to go around.

Nancy L 06/10/14 12:27 pm Watching another feeding at noontime. Little one just kept moving up between its siblings & got right to the front for some food. It's wings were resting on each sibling and no one was pecking him, either.
Anne-UK 06/10/14 12:31 pm I'm just watching that too. I presume the little one is on the left as we look? He seems to be getting a reasonable amount, though not anywhere near as much as the other two. But it looks a decent sized fish so I guess he'll get his chance when the older ones are full.

I don't know why the male didn't help feed them Shelley. I'd always thought males just didn't, but Monty at Dyfi is more than keen to get involved. I guess, like humans, some dads are just more hands on than others.
Anne-UK 06/10/14 12:33 pm Re-reading your post Nancy, I take it little one is in the middle. In which case he's had an extremely good feed. So good, I'd assumed he was the oldest.
Shelley 06/10/14 03:44 pm Wow, another feeding right now and I have to say, the little one doesn't look as little as he did a few days ago. I guess there is enough to go around and it does my heart good to see this. He's holding his own, so far!
Anne-UK 06/10/14 04:36 pm I couldn't spot the difference when I was watching. I'm assuming that's because he was in between the two bigger ones so it wasn't apparent. I've forgotten what the age difference is?
Anne-UK 06/11/14 12:49 pm A feeding taking place now, and dad just arrived with another fish. Clearly there's no shortage of food on this nest, so hopefully all three will thrive.

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