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Thread subject: Drama at Nelson BC
Name Date Message
Tiger 06/23/14 01:19 pm There is drama at the osprey nest in Nelson BC. The Male called Nelson disappeared on Thursday last week leaving Nellie alone to look after three osprey chicks. Will she succeed?

See Ospreys Nelson BC
Tiger 06/27/14 05:50 am Now we know what happened to Nelson.
See Here
Shelley 06/27/14 07:16 am So tragic. But, as the writer said, it's better to know than not know. I know that no one wants intervention but I think in cases like this one, it is the correct decision. But only providing fish every 2 days? Is that enough? I wouldn't have thought so but perhaps it is. I hope the chicks make it
Trishrg 06/30/14 01:40 pm I must admit, this is the one nest cam I keep going back to check on. Though I've yet to see any full crops on either chick, they both look good and I'm probably just not catching them after a meal. And it seems from the updates they have been leaving fish daily.

Right now there is a large piece of fish on the nest, sunshine and 2 active chicks.

Will be interesting to see what's in store here.

My one main thought as to whether this supplemental feeding will succeeed is since the male typically stays after the chicks fledge and the female leaves on migration... makes me wonder if she will know to stay to care for the fledglings?
Shelley 06/30/14 04:44 pm Feeding going on now, it seems
Good question, Trish. Time will tell...fingers crossed
Tiger 07/01/14 07:40 am Trish. By the time mum leaves the chicks should be able to feed themselves. Once chicks get to about six weeks old they should manage as many translocation projects have shown.

Nellie may also stay late.
Trishrg 07/01/14 08:21 pm Thanks for the info Tiger.
So far so good with the feedings.
It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.
Tiger 07/02/14 08:39 pm Pretty desperate now. Nelli was disturbed a lot last night and today she is not feeding the chicks.

Now where is Celeste with that copy of Poole?
Trishrg 07/03/14 10:03 am Reading thru chat the youngest one ( i assume that was Tag) died last night and was removed from the nest.

Sometimes Nature has its way in spite of anything else.

The cam is back on, the last chick is begging for food and the adult is not responding at all.
Tiger 07/03/14 11:04 am Tag has not been removed from the nest. He/she is behind a stick on the right.

Yes it seems as if Nellie has given up.

Trishrg 07/03/14 03:12 pm No change. Sad scene. The chat comments are dreadful.
Someone in chat posted the chick had been removed when I first checked in this morning, which was 7am.
Trishrg 07/04/14 03:54 pm Very surprised to read that the chick was removed from the nest by a rescue group. O.W.L of Canada.
Anne-UK 07/04/14 05:14 pm I just looked in. Empty nest. So very sad :(

Edit: A quick look at the chat suggests the remaining chick has been taken for hand-rearing? A second look and I noticed the news link which says that is the case - and which is clearly what you were saying Trish, if I'd only stopped to read your message properly.

Fingers crossed for the little one. I too am surprised they've intervened, but hopefully it is for the best. I thought ospreys were difficult to hand-raise, but maybe this will work out.
Anne-UK 07/04/14 05:24 pm Link to the news update - Link
Tiger 07/05/14 01:29 am Here is Nell now
Trishrg 07/05/14 07:26 am She looks well. Guess we shall see what happens.
Probably would be best if they could find a nest to foster the chick.
Anne-UK 07/05/14 05:06 pm That's good to see, though it has to be said she's not at the prettiest stage in development!

It would be good if she could be fostered on a nest, but I just spotted this on the chat which is encouraging if she has to stay at the centre.

O.W.L. Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society Sherry Craig Dorr we are lucky that we have had some great success with Osprey in our care since we have a large stocked live trout pool cage. Luckily right now we have another Osprey that is recovering and will help this baby associate with Ospreys instead of humans."
DaisyG 07/08/14 06:19 pm It is amazing that Nel is still alive. I was convinced she was a goner after the second episode of prolonged starvation, let alone the third. A remarkable little osprey.

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