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Thread subject: Woods Hole male and female feed chicks
Name Date Message
cathleen 07/05/14 10:39 am Just caught a glimpse of large chicks on WHOI, with both parents feeding the kids, the mom taking time out to ask the male to go fishing again. Why? I dunno. The family seems to be thriving.
cathleen 07/05/14 01:47 pm Looks like the WH mother (or maybe father) just received a satellite tag since I last checked today.
Nancy L 07/05/14 02:25 pm The Woods Hole osprey family have been doing very well this year.
cathleen 07/05/14 03:42 pm Great to see this nest doing well after years of abandonment. I have not seen the tagged adult again today, but I swear I saw the tag on one of the two adults feeding the juves.. >:{
Unless, of course, it was a stranger to the nest, of course, though it seemed quite at home.
cathleen 07/05/14 04:03 pm Sorry folks - it must have been an intruder. I just saw dad deliver a fish that mom took and is feeding the kids. No transmitter there. Wonder who it was I saw.
Shelley 07/05/14 04:56 pm Maybe a former offspring? Maybe they are just so well-adjusted that an intruder poses no threat. There is no infra-red at night but I can still make out the parent standing watch there. I agree, it is just such a pleasure to see this nest thrive this year. And I happen to think this nest is also visually beautiful, so *stylish* in the décor, ;-)
Shelley 07/05/14 04:58 pm Both parents participating in a feeding at Hellgate at the moment, also thriving :-)
Anne-UK 07/05/14 05:03 pm It's strange how we are starting to see males feeding the chicks these days. Modern fathers, or did it always happen but just not on nests with cams.

I remember when Lady Marge was so ill in 2010, the male fed the chicks, but I think it took him a little while to work out he needed to.

I missed seeing the double feed at Woods Hole, but Monty at the Dyfi nest is another who is more than happy to take on what I always think of as a female task. I never tire of seeing it :)

Oh, and I agree. It's great to see Woods Hole back in use again.
Shelley 07/05/14 08:44 pm If you read the info on the right sidebar at the Hellgate (and Dunrovin, same moderators), you will see that Stanley, the male at Hellgate is something of a superstar. He is an excellent provider, to the point that he sometimes brings such big fish, so often, that the babies don't even rouse when he arrives. So gratifying to watch. Scroll down I the sidebar window to read more about him.

How are Marge and her crew doing these days? Wasn't there a book written about that time? Am I remembering that correctly?
Anne-UK 07/06/14 03:27 am Marge is doing well, but no chicks this year. Three eggs, but a crow took one and the other two didn't hatch. Yes there was a book Shelley - "Lady of the Loch". Seeing her looking so fit and well this year, it's hard now to remember how ill she was and that we thought she wouldn't survive.
Celeste 07/06/14 07:51 pm During the course of the DPOF cams, males did feed the chicks from time to time.
Anne, the images of Marge being ill, and just lying there are still very vivid in my mind. It was unbelievable that she rallied. She is a special Lady!
Shelley 07/07/14 09:23 am Lots of leg stretching and a bit of wing flapping this morning on the nest. Those feet look so big; reminds me of puppy paws - they always look disproportionately bigger than the rest of the critter, lol!
jazzel 07/08/14 12:44 am this nest has huge issues.
jazzel 07/08/14 01:01 am The female 7/7 afternoon has been taking all fish eating on the nest and beating the chicks before and after, 2 chicks had a couple of pieces at the end. chicks are also, as expected fighting each other,
jazzel 07/08/14 01:23 am Cathleen, can you confirm your 7/5 observations? If you observed a satellite tagged osprey it was not tagged this season on this nest, Any tagged osprey will show on Rob Bierregaard's maps. interesting your feeding observations.
cathleen 07/08/14 01:43 pm @ jazzel: I am positive I saw an adult tagged osprey on the edge of the nest. The chicks seemed nonchalant to me! I did check Rob's site, so it could be any one of the returning osprey tagged from past seasons. But what nest that had tagged osprey is the closest by WH?
cathleen 07/08/14 01:48 pm OMG jazzel! I just viewed the clip - just awful and the first time I have ever seen that on any nest! I had not seen any of that happening. Wonder how and why.

I just went back to see if it was indeed the mother. The marking patterns look the same but perhaps a little lighter on the youtube vid. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part, but is it even possible it was a past juve? But then if so, where were the parents to protect the chicks? It's impossible.
Anne-UK 07/08/14 02:05 pm Very distressing to watch and very strange to say the least. All seems calm today when I've looked in. Hopefully it was a one off and things are back to normal now.
Shelley 07/08/14 02:11 pm Could it have been that the mother was trying to keep that chick from edging too close to the edge of the nest? I hope that was all it was
Anne-UK 07/08/14 05:32 pm I don't know Shelley. I had a look on the Window on Wildlife forum earlier and the feeling seemed to be it may have been down to a shortage of food. Plenty of deliveries today, thank goodness.
Tiger 07/09/14 11:01 am Well do people assume that former chicks will be welcome? We know for certain that they will not.

Also any former chick at this nest would be at least five years old. I would imagine that they would be doing something more productive than intruding at their natal nest.
Tiger 07/09/14 11:02 am cathleen. You could always contact Rob Bierregaard directly. He is friendly.
Anne-UK 07/10/14 04:38 pm Well who knows what the problem is at this nest. Just reading the WoW forum again and there's some speculation the adult may not be the female from this nest.

Watching the cam, with the adult in front of the juvies, I can't tell if the one nearest to it is food begging or is showing some aggression. I don't think juvies mantle when they're food begging?

Last evening when I was looking in, all three were in defensive mode - looking up at the sky, mantling and appearing to be alarm calling. I saw a shadow pass over the nest at great speed. I assumed this was an osprey, but it was too quick and anyway was only a shadow.

Perhaps there is an intruder about, keeping the parents off the nest? Whatever the problem, I hope it will be resolved soon. I noticed Jazzel comment on the forum that this is not the only stressed nest in her area. Whether that's down to intruders or food shortage I can't tell, though someone did say there shouldn't be any problem with fishing around there. Then again, I wouldn't think there was a shortage of nest sites either.

Anyone got any thoughts? Poor Jazzel sounds as if she's run ragged at the moment :(

Edit: I forgot to say that apparently the adult currently on the nest has been attacking the juvies again this pm. And I think no fish delivery since earlyish yesterday.
Anne-UK 07/10/14 04:52 pm There's a video of the adult aggression this afternoon. Not pleasant viewing - Link

I'vejust worked out the time difference and realised the comments I was reading were posted a few hours ago, so the adult currently on the nest may or may not be the same one featured in the video.
Trishrg 07/10/14 06:23 pm I looked in yesterday and saw 3 very happy chicks being fed a huge fish and all seemed fine. Same thing today. Good feeding going on.
Seems like I'm watching a different nest.

More video
Anne-UK 07/10/14 06:27 pm I think you must just happen to look in at the right times Trish.

Watching the adult chasing the juvies off while she ravenously eats this fish, it definitely looks like a nest very short of food.

There are comments on this latest feed on the WoW forum - Link to forum - no doubt video will follow.
Anne-UK 07/12/14 02:44 pm Thankfully it seems things have settled down a bit over the last two days. Fish coming in, small ones but several and female behaving more normally again.

It's all very odd, because I remember at the start saying there seemed to be loads of fish being brought in. It never occurred to me that would change. Fingers crossed it was just a blip.
Anne-UK 07/13/14 08:22 am Jazzel, if you look in here ... is it the female bringing in all these fish over the last couple of days? I don't see much mention of the male on the WoW forum thread.
Anne-UK 07/14/14 04:15 pm Ah, my question answered on the WoW forum. Male has been seen a couple of times today delivering fish. Things seem to be looking better now.
Anne-UK 07/15/14 04:56 pm My optimism was premature, it seems. I've honestly never seen such a miserable nest. One juvie seems to be able to wander freely without fear of the female, but the other two are just head down and immobile. The second one dared to raise its head and move a couple of paces, the female was straight on it, wings flapping threateningly. So now it's back to head down and staying dead still. The juvie at the front of the nest hasn't moved an inch the whole time I've been watching this evening - that must be getting on for an hour now. Even when the female appeared to be food calling as if a delivery was imminent, the two submissive juvies didn't raise their heads. All very strange and unhappy.
Craig 07/16/14 08:44 pm Male delivered part of a fish and one of the juvies got, trying to eat it without tearing it, mantling to keep it from siblings and female. A sibling took a bite out of the juvie's neck feathers - had a whole beak full and spit it out. For some reason the female attacks another juvie and it now has it's head down and is still.

Female grabs food from juvie. Juvie comes in and is fed. Another gets close but the juvie being fed has the food again. As this other juvie walks away the female attacks it. Now that one is cowered. The juvie with the food drops the food and the female is eating again. The lone active juvie comes in to be fed.

One good note, the one that had something tangled on it's leg is now free of it.
Shelley 07/17/14 08:26 am I guess I have been lucky not to witness this aggression during the times I've peeked in. Right now, for example, things seem calm. It is certainly disturbing to read about this and I don't really *want* to see any of it. It is really odd and I wish we could know for sure just what is going on. I really hope the chicks make it through to fledging
Anne-UK 07/17/14 09:53 am I'm amazed you've managed to miss it Shelley. I just looked in now and caught the tail end of the latest beating. Mum pulling head feathers out of one juvie while the other two are in submission, heads down so low. All three now in submission - that seems to be the way they spend most of their time nowadays.

A couple more weeks to fledging I think. I hope these youngsters learn to fish for themselves pdq!
DaisyG 07/17/14 10:39 am Yes it really is odd behaviour.
PeggyCG 07/17/14 12:18 pm Maybe they should be resued.
PeggyCG 07/17/14 12:19 pm Maybe they should be resued.
Tiger 07/17/14 12:46 pm Chick abuse.
Anne-UK 07/17/14 03:38 pm Too close to fledging. Jazzel says if anyone approaches the nest at this stage, the juvies will jump even though they can't fly. They've made it this far, despite the strange behaviour of the female, so hopefully they'll make it the rest of the way. I'd be happier if that piece of yellow twine would disappear from the nest. That's not helping at all.
Shelley 07/17/14 03:39 pm All is calm then suddenly adult arrives with fish. Two chicks back right off, one dives right in and has a bit of a tug-of-war with the fish. Adult wins, mantles, and now appears to be eating it herself. All 3 chicks at the back of the nest. I just can't get over how odd this is. Is it possible that this is not the mother of these chicks? Maybe the mother has been killed, injured or otherwise deposed, and this one has just laid claims to the nest and has become the *evil stepmother*, not really trying to rear chicks she knows are not hers. Still seems weird, though
Anne-UK 07/17/14 04:41 pm They're pretty certain this is the mother. They've checked photos very closely for ID.

It's all really weird. The fish coming in are small apparently, but there are so many deliveries there ought to be plenty to go around. I've seen her sit on the side of the nest giving a quite evil stare to a chick, and the second that chick moved she dived on it. Others have commented that a chick only seems to have to look at her the wrong way and she's on the attack.

On top of all that, the yellow twine now seems to be stretched taut between two of the chicks. I hope they're both just standing on it and nothing more.
Tiger 07/17/14 05:26 pm Maybe this is new form of tough love to encourage the chicks to fledge.
Anne-UK 07/17/14 05:33 pm One's standing right on the edge of the nest now, so maybe they're thinking about it. I know I'd be out of there as soon as I possibly could!
Trishrg 07/17/14 06:42 pm I've been watching more lately and this nest is bizarre.
This female seems to have some serious aggression and major control issues. Makes me concerned that maybe she should not be contributing to the gene pool. I seriously think she must have bumped her head, because that bird just ain't right!
Shelley 07/17/14 08:53 pm It's practically too dark to see anything now but I can make out one chick flapping away like mad. Really too difficult to make out details, though.
artfudd 07/20/14 03:58 pm Why no posts in last 3 days?
Anne-UK 07/20/14 04:44 pm We all transferred to the new thread at the top of the board.

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