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Thread subject: Woods Hole, new thread
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/18/14 06:50 am Sunny and bright this morning, lots of flapping going on. That damn yellow string is still in the centre of the nest, thankfully not entangled on anyone's leg but I really wish it would blow away or be thrown out of the nest!
Shelley 07/18/14 12:12 pm Wow. Just checked in again and saw this note, above the cam:

"Please be aware that there has been behavior on the nest recently that some people may feel is disturbing, including aggressive pecking and harassment by the female toward the three hatchlings. While certainly upsetting, we believe it is an important educational tool to allow viewers to see the nest for all it offers, both good and bad. The young are due to fledge shortly, and we hope that improves their current situation."

The adult and 3 chicks occupying 4 corners of the nest, peaceably, so far. I am happy to see that the yellow string seems to be making its way closer to the edge of the nest. Maybe it will go over soon
Anne-UK 07/18/14 01:42 pm Good idea to start a new thread Shelley. Let's hope it coincides with new behaviour on the nest. Looking in now, there's a feed going on. All looks normal, for now. Despite everything, these three look pretty healthy.
Trishrg 07/18/14 04:27 pm A meal is going on now.
One thing I notice each time I look in is all the birds are all firing rockets. I take that as a good sign.
Shelley 07/19/14 06:55 am Oh no! One of the chicks has part of the yellow string in its talons!! Is this a nest where people are monitoring and would attempt to go up and remove the string/twine?? Jazell? Do you know? I am not suggesting interfering with the chicks but to remove the stuff before, rather than after something bad happens. Those poor chicks are already dealing with enough stress in the nest this season.

I hate seeing that yellow string still there!

Anne-UK 07/19/14 07:42 am They won't go up now Shelley - too close to fledging. Jazzel discusses on this page of the WoW forum.

Shelley 07/19/14 08:31 am Thanks Anne. I have now bookmarked that message board.
Anne-UK 07/19/14 09:29 am I think it's the only way to keep tabs on this nest. I just wish it made better reading :(
Shelley 07/20/14 12:09 pm I see that the yellow string is now on the opposite side of the nest from yesterday but thankfully, not attached to anyone's feet. Come on, guys, just kick it over the edge!
Anne-UK 07/21/14 04:32 pm Following the WoW forum, there's quite some debate now as to whether there are in fact two different females coming to this nest. It would make some sense of what's been going on, certainly. I'll be fascinated to learn what they finally decide.

On the plus side, I don't see that yellow twine today. I hope it's gone for good.
Shelley 07/21/14 04:52 pm Anne, I just looked in and the yellow twine is still there, on the left side near the bottom, though there seems to be less of it. Lots of squawking going on right now
Anne-UK 07/21/14 05:08 pm Oh, so it is :( Just looking now, one of the juvies is happily standing very close to the edge of the nest - a sign that fledging isn't far off?
Shelley 07/22/14 06:40 pm 6:30 pm - one juvie appears to be squawking, one just fired a rocket and is strolling back and forth. The third, though, (with an adult near the bottom, doing nothing - thank goodness) is tearing away at food and having himself a good meal! Solo! Yay!
Shelley 07/22/14 06:46 pm I spoke too soon. I just read the latest notes on the WoW board and it looks as if I happened in on a peaceful moment. I went back and just caught the middle chick steal the fish away from the one who had it before, after a scuffle. The adult tried to get it back but the chick prevailed and is mantling over it now, back to adult as the adult appears to be looking for a way in.

This is a nest of tough love, at best. There seems to be more real abuse than love here, though, at times. But, on the other hand, the way these chicks seem to manage to prevail, has to bode well for them, doesn't it? Strength of character, survival instinct, etc.... I want to be hopeful.
Anne-UK 07/23/14 03:07 pm One juvie now has the twine tangled round its foot and the other end of the twine is tangled round a stick :(

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