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Thread subject: Camouflage
Name Date Message
Anne-UK 07/22/14 06:53 am If I didn't know better, I'd think there were four chicks at Woods Hole this morning. I've taken a screen shot, but it's turned out a bit small to see properly - Pic

Three real juvies towards the front of the nest and then a 'fourth' absolutely stock still at the back. Best viewed on the cam but I'm guessing it won't be too long before 'usual activity' destroys it.
Shelley 07/22/14 08:02 am Lots of flapping this morning. I can't actually see detail in your screen shot but maybe it was the wind fro the wings that moved nest material around and caused some optical illusion
Trishrg 07/22/14 10:55 am To me, the bird on the upper left doesn't seem to have any light edges to the feathers and is standing on the edge like I usually see an adult. But, hard to tell for sure from the tiny shot.
Anne-UK 07/22/14 12:04 pm Oh right. My screen shot is obviously even worse than I thought! lol

The 'fourth' juvie I could see was at the 12 o'clock position, lying down, head up, facing right. Must be my eyes :))

Looking now in full daylight, the head and neck are still there but look pretty much like a lump of wood with a bit sticking out where a beak would be if it was a bird. Maybe if everyone looks in half-light they'll see what I saw. Or maybe not ;)
Anne-UK 07/22/14 12:07 pm Just to add, now I look at my screenshot again I'm really struggling to see what I saw this morning. Oh well ...
Anne-UK 07/22/14 12:54 pm One last try. A screen shot from the WoW forum - at least it's a decent size. Hopefully I'm not the only one who sees this 'juvie' sitting up and taking notice. Head and neck at the one o'clock position on the nest. and the body covered up by the tail of the juvie standing at 12 o'clock. Pic

Not important at all really, but I thought it was a good reverse illustration of camouflage.
Shelley 07/22/14 06:37 pm Um...Anne. I don't see it. Maybe it's a case of the osprey version of Where's Waldo. I was never good at those, either, though, so don't take it personally...;-)
Anne-UK 07/23/14 08:12 am That's okay Shelley. I need new glasses, but I quite like the view I get from these old ones ;)

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