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Thread subject: Woods Hole fledge??
Name Date Message
Shelley 07/25/14 06:46 am I am only seeing two chicks this morning!
DaisyG 07/25/14 06:57 am Yes I believe one of them has fledged Shelley.
Anne-UK 07/25/14 12:15 pm 5.50 local time this morning, according to the forum. Now the anxious wait to see a safe return. I don't fancy these juvies chances of being fed away from the nest. I hope they learn to fish for themselves sooner rather than later.
Shelley 07/25/14 01:45 pm How can they practice their flapping if that witch of a mother doesn't leave them alone?! I've just watched her viciously bully and peck at them, both chicks with heads tucked down, circling to get away from her beak. Sheesh, what a piece of work she is! Poor chicks, though they have held their own fairly well so far, all things considered. No wonder the first fledgling doesn't want to come home!
Anne-UK 07/25/14 02:33 pm Jazzel's on site. She's been keeping an eye out for the fledgling. First spotted it on the Clark building (I guess that's part of the institute) and has just posted this:-

"No luck landing on the nest, but great job, it's on the males radio tower perch, good landing"

Which is great news I think as I believe that's where dad goes to have first dibs on any fish he catches.

As for the female and the youngsters. It's just miserable watching it happen over and over again. I looked in yesterday and all three were in submission again. The times I've seen 3 bodies but no heads is beyond counting.
Anne-UK 07/25/14 02:35 pm Forgot to say Shelley - I notice that rubber glove has reappeared :))
Anne-UK 07/25/14 06:02 pm I think the yellow twine may have gone. Last I saw it was hooked round the female's talons. Next time I checked in she was gone and I don't see the twine anywhere. Not sure if that's good news or bad.
Anne-UK 07/25/14 06:35 pm Fledgling back on nest. A bit of a crash landing on top of its siblings but back safe and sound.
Shelley 07/25/14 07:21 pm Yes, Anne, I noticed that glove earlier in the day, too. And I have bookmarked the forum so have been following the drama all day there (when I've been home). Someone on the forum noticed that the yellow twine seems to be gone. It was there all day but I don't see it now so that it a good sign
Shelley 07/26/14 04:29 pm Damn yellow string is back. I swear it was gone as recently as this morning.....
Anne-UK 07/26/14 06:24 pm It definitely went out with the female yesterday. Someone posted a video of her taking off with it attached, I'm sure. I suppose you have to take the positive that at least she's managed to get free of it. Very disappointing that it's back in the nest though, I really hoped we'd seen the last of it.
Anne-UK 07/26/14 06:36 pm I just read through today's posts on the forum. I don't get how that yellow twine re-appeared. No sign of it all day until the last couple of screen shots posted. It definitely went with the female yesterday and they said she was free of it this morning when she was on the nest. Yet there it is for all to see now. Very odd.

Here's the video of the female taking it with her yesterday. Unless it got caught on the edge of the nest as she flew off and has made its way back to the middle this afternoon, I can't make sense of it at all. Video
Anne-UK 07/27/14 04:36 pm Two have now fledged and both have mastered the art of returning to the nest. The third is perched right on the edge, looking as if it might go any minute. It's very windy though - I don't know if that's good or bad for a first flight attempt? Good news is I haven't seen any sign of the yellow twine.
Anne-UK 08/05/14 03:39 pm I don't think the female has been seen since Sunday, so I'm wondering if she's taken herself off to feed up ready for migration. And the male seems to have stepped up his fish deliveries - not sure whether that's coincidence, or if it led to the female deciding she could leave, or if he feels it's finally safe to land on the nest now she's not around! This nest has certainly been a puzzle.

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