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Thread subject: Woods Hole- Melee
Name Date Message
Trishrg 08/05/14 06:05 pm A bunch of brawling has been going on today.

Anne-UK 08/05/14 06:21 pm I've been watching Trish. It's really bad. It sounds as if it's an intruder juvie causing all the trouble. As if these youngsters haven't had enough to contend with already.
Trishrg 08/05/14 06:57 pm I just popped in during break at work and saw a post on Facebook, then found the video on the WoW forum.
Crazy. And yes, just when you think it's calming down...
Shelley 08/06/14 09:09 am There are so many theories, too. Some suggest that perhaps this is a new mother who herself may have been bullied on her birth nest, thus this is the only behaviour she knows. Perhaps her aggression toward the chicks was spurred by stressful situations, thus this was her way of *protecting* them (though that is a bit far-fetched, I think).

The chick aggression yesterday and today, though, is odd, especially given that they seemed to weather their upbringing successfully, despite the odds. When I looked at the most recent video posted there, it almost looked like a mating attempt, though that also seems so unlikely, given their ages and the time of year. You'd think they'd be focussed solely on fishing, honing those skills and strengthening their flying skills, too. It also doesn't seem likely (though I truly have no idea) that an intruder fledgling from another nest would be on this one. Who knows?

Certainly something for the books, the bird psychology books! Such a pity, though, that the chicks weren't banded. It would be so interesting to be able to follow them and perhaps see how they fare down the road.
Melanie 08/10/14 10:29 pm All I can say is - it's a good thing everyone could fly! Wow!
Anne-UK 08/11/14 02:43 am Sad news from WH - Jazzel found a fledgling dead yesterday. No clue what happened to it. She reported the weight as .91kg - that sounds very small?
Tiger 08/12/14 05:56 pm 0.91 kg is pitifully low. It must raise doubts about the whole family.
DaisyG 08/13/14 05:45 am I have not been watching that closely though have seen some videos. Was this dead youngster the one that got carried off the nest during the ferocious attack or another one?
Anne-UK 08/13/14 05:58 am I don't think we know Daisy. I'm not sure anyone is certain which juvie was carried off the nest in that particular attack. I think the dead one was probably the youngest (it was the most easily identifiable by head markings and I don't think it's been seen lately) but other than that it's all guesswork.

I am surprised at how small the fledgling was though. If it was the youngest it looked pretty much the same size to me as the others and was pretty good at fighting its corner and winning fish delivery battles. So now I'm thinking maybe all three are/were on the small side, which would be no surprise at all given the food issues on this nest.

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