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Thread subject: Hellgate
Name Date Message
Shelley 08/09/14 08:40 am One chick left at this wonderful nest, as the first 2 have fledged (one yesterday, I think). Anyhow, I am watching a nice long feed by mama (Iris) to the chick, who looks bigger than mama!

I guess I'm a wimp but I love watching this nest, so much more peaceful than Woods Hole this year. I love how both parents here are so attentive and devoted, such good providers, not only of fish, but of love and care. I don't think I've even seen any aggression at all between the three chicks, this entire season.

It's so sad, really, about the disturbing and confusing goings-on at Woods Hole. We will likely never know why, or how these fledglings will fare into their future. I still have some mixed feelings about satellite tracking but I am very much in favour of banding. I wish the Woods Hole chicks had been banded so at least if they do survive and return one day, we might be able to know that. I know the Dunrovin chicks are banded although I am not sure why the Hellgate chicks aren't.

Oh well. Another season winds down and for the most part, it looks like many nests have been successful in raising their chicks to be migration-ready. Fingers crossed for all as we, the voyeurs, prepare ourselves for *empty-nest* syndrome to set in....
Nancy L 08/09/14 03:21 pm This season did mover right along....the good with the bad, as usual. It always seems to average out in the end.
I'm sure a few of the 'mothers' have started back to their wintering lakes, etc. Now the 'fathers' will finish the task of teaching their young to fish.
Just another month & the young ones will be getting ready for their first long-distance flight. We wish them well.
Shelley 08/10/14 10:12 am In seeing all 3 chicks on the nest this morning, I think all three are female (necklace appears quite visible on all three). One had a good long feed, while the one who has not yet fledged has been practicing a lot, helicoptering straight up then down again. Mom has been on and off the nest constantly, more for company or to give the kids their space, it seems, than anything else. The other 2 must have been fed (or eaten on their own) at some point because the one eating now has been at it a long while with no interference or aggression from the other 2 at all. In fact, she never even mantled while eating, even with a sibling dozing on and off mere inches from her.

I love watching this nest!
Shelley 08/11/14 09:37 am Last of the babies fledged this morning! Camera zoomed in on it, perched on a pole. Mama stayed with it for awhile then left. One of the siblings is there now; it flew away for a short bit, as if in encouragement and is back now. Baby doesn't seem to be going anywhere at the moment. Still trying to adjust to not having solid nest beneath its talons!

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