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Thread subject: What a difference!
Name Date Message
Shelley 08/13/14 12:35 pm There are, as I type, 2 (of the 3) fledglings on the nest at Hellgate. One has a fish and is eating heartily. The other is standing right beside the first, maybe even touching it. No mantling at all. No aggression at all. Fledgling #2 looks as if it wants to move in and grab a bite for itself. Or maybe be fed by the first one (which I have actually witnessed a few days ago!!).

F1 doesn't seem at all disturbed or bothered or threatened by its sibling. F2 is actually catching a few naps in between moving its head down, closer to the fish, but not even trying to take anything. This fledgling looks almost narcoleptic, as it dozes on and off!

While we know that Woods Hole this year is experiencing unprecedented aggression and discord, Hellgate looks to me to be almost unnaturally calm and peaceful. I don't think I've even seen any sibling pecking at any time, though there may well have been when I wasn't looking in. But seriously, this is one of the most ideal nest families I've seen and I just love watching them. I love the updates on the right sidebar too; lots of good info learned there!
Anne-UK 08/13/14 01:10 pm It's good to look at a 'normal' nest Shelley. I confess Woods Hole has taken most of my available time these last few weeks, but on the odd occasion I've looked at Dyfi I'm struck by the contrast. I feel almost guilty looking at two plump and seemingly content fledglings and have to remind myself that most nests probably are like this and that WH is not tyical. It's just bad luck for the WH trio that they happened to hatch where they did.

Whatever species we belong to, none of us can choose which part of the planet we land on. I often count myself lucky I was born in a relatively peaceful country. It is all pure chance.
Shelley 08/13/14 01:48 pm Well said, Anne. And so right. And it's also good to reflect that no matter hat happens, anywhere, *our nests* or theirs, life goes on and continues into the future, with or without our influence or interference.

Nancy L 08/13/14 02:24 pm You're so right in that 2nd paragraph, Anne. My sister & I feel so lucky our ancestors came to America when they did. We are grateful.
cathleen 08/14/14 03:31 pm I just read this, and I chime in third. My relatives in China have lead a very different and challenging life. I am so grateful for my parents staying here in the US, rather than going back.

I have been thinking more and more that why I watch ospreys is that it reminds me of human life, but stripped of the personae.

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