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Thread subject: Ospreys in Wales The First Ten Years
Name Date Message
Tiger 01/21/15 06:51 pm There is a new source of "Ospreys in Wales The First Ten Years" in the USA.

See Ospreys in Wales

The shipping is much cheaper than before and all the books in stock are signed.
Tiger 01/21/15 07:17 pm Here is my review

A True Masterpiece

There is an old adage that you should not judge a book by its cover. Well I think that in the case of this book we should make an exception as even the dust jacket oozes quality with its spot UV finishing makes the picture of young Deri look rather striking.

The built in cotton bookmark is rather nice and again adds to the luxurious feel of the book. There are also many fantastic pictures in the book which make it so fascinating to look through.

I have followed the Welsh ospreys since they first nested in the principality in 2004 at least for over 400 years. There was particular excitement on Sunday 5 June 2011 when the first osprey hatched in mid Wales since the Gunpowder Plot pecked his way into the world. I was lucky enough to be there on the day and Emyr truly captures the excitement of the event on pages 118 and 119.

There was one other day in Welsh osprey history that I remember so well. It was Thursday 22 August 2013. Young Cerist had gone missing for two days and a search party was organised. The wonderful picture of the search party on page 173 captures the mood of the morning. Emyr recounts beautifully how Cerist was persuaded to return home.

Overall this is not only a wonderful account of the history of Welsh Ospreys but gives great general information about ospreys too, backed up by the wonderful statistics chapter at the end.

This is very likely to be the handbook of Welsh Ospreys for a very long time to come. If a better osprey book has ever been written I have yet to see it.

This really is a must own osprey book for any osprey fan. Also remember it does not end here. It should all start again in March 2015. This book will help people interpret the happenings in so many ways. A truly excellent book
Nancy L 01/22/15 12:04 pm Sounds like a wonderful book. Thanks for the review.
Pam 01/23/15 07:04 am Our reviewer fails to mention that his likeness appears also on Page 173, so if you have ever wondered what our faithful Tiger looks the book, it is a beautiful quality product in every way.
martyc35 01/23/15 07:27 pm Thanks, Tiger. I just ordered a copy and look forward to receiving it.
Tiger 01/23/15 08:30 pm Oh Pam I think that you are being naughty. There are no pictures of me in the book.

I do get referred to in the text twice.

Tiger 01/23/15 08:30 pm Marty that is great news.
cathleen 02/01/15 10:59 am This past week I received Ospreys in Wales, much to my relief. Apparently a few of those ordered through Amazon had been lost, and they have stopped offering it through Amazon.

The link Tiger gives above is a great deal - and it is signed, too. It is a beautiful book, entertainingly written, larger than I thought and I am happy to have it. Some of the terms in Emyr's glossary include terminology that I believe originated right here at DPOF --- terms such as bobbleheads, ospreyitis, ospreyholics.

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