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Thread subject: Another eagle cam
Name Date Message
Shelley 03/05/15 07:02 pm A friend just alerted me to this one:

Hanover, PA eagle cam

The Decorah Iowa nest seems mostly rid of snow, but this one really puzzles me. I find it odd that she would even be incubating eggs in these conditions. It's almost as if she were paying more attention to a calendar that says it's March - spring - instead of paying attention to nature and the climate around her. And wouldn't you think that she would at least kick some of that snow off the nest? I hope those eggs survive to hatching. :-(
Shelley 03/06/15 08:10 am This morning the eagle doesn't appear to be moving. I hope she isn't frozen dead... :-(
Shelley 03/06/15 08:29 am Finally! She is awake!! I don't think I've ever seen a bird lie so still without moving even a feather, for so long!
Trishrg 03/06/15 11:43 am Wow, Just wow!! I hope these eggs make it to hatching.

On the other side of the spectrum, it's going to be in the 80's here in So Cal today with Santa Ana winds. I was at the beach in shorts and sandals yesterday birding.
Lots of Loons and various other uncommon birds are wintering here this year.
Anne-UK 03/06/15 01:02 pm It looks as if the snow arrived there in the last couple of days. If you scroll down the page there's a time lapse video from the 3rd which shows no snow on the nest at all. Hopefully that means although she's surrounded by the white stuff, the nest cup is still snow-free. Maybe that's why she's staying so still.
Shelley 03/06/15 01:42 pm It was my friend who lives in Philadelphia who sent me that link. She just sent me this one too, I am guessing from a few days ago. I get a *geographic restriction* message on it when I click to view the video clip but I can still see the still image. Yikes! It is heartbreaking, really.

another image
Shelley 03/06/15 01:48 pm Wow, Anne, I hadn't noticed that time-lapse clip. She is amazing to watch. I really hope the warm-up we expect here in Toronto over the next week or so, extends south to her and this nest, to give her a bit of a break from the elements.
Anne-UK 03/06/15 03:32 pm Oh my goodness! It won't play for me either, but it's enough to just see that image. Well on the positive side, things seem to have improved since then. Fingers crossed it warms up some more very soon. She's doing a top job sticking to those eggs through all that.
Anne-UK 03/06/15 03:42 pm I found a newspaper report with a pretty dramatic photo - Link
I also checked the Hancock forum - scroll down a bit and you'll see a screen cap of the nest cup and eggs looking beautifully snow free :) - Link
Pam 03/09/15 09:06 am Trish...have you put any pics of your Loons anywhere? I would like to see them.
Celeste 03/09/15 10:53 am Watching that snow unbelievable. Thank goodness things are improving! Can't wait for our own snow to start melting around "our" nests!!!!

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