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Thread subject: With apologies to the Northeast - don't give up!
Name Date Message
Melanie 03/09/15 11:36 am After all the bitter cold for us here in Maryland, we have had an amazing weekend. Two winter storms dumped snow and ice on us last week and most of the middle to upper Chesapeake has been frozen if not clogged with ice floes. We haven't seen this much ice on The Bay since the mid-70's. The CG has been busy running icebreakers every day up and down the bay, not to mention the creeks frozen as well. It's surprising how quickly ice goes out when the temps go up just a few degrees, so just imagine how much water is opening up with two days of near 60° temps and more on the way for the next couple of days.

The result is that we had at least 8 osprey sightings in my immediate area this weekend. This is probably the latest they have ever started showing up in recent memory. Who needs Punxsutawney Phil when we have osprey who REALLY know what's what?!!

Hang in there, up North - Spring is definitely working it's way north!
Celeste 03/09/15 01:29 pm Yes, we are basking in 40 plus temps....nice for a change. The cardinals and all the other backyard birds know it's changing as their tunes have changed as they reconnect with their mates. Haven't seen any osprey yet, but then again, where I live they stock the lake with trout around the 17th or so, and the osprey usually arrive a day after that!
Pamela 03/09/15 02:25 pm It's balmyon the southeastern coast heading toward the Cape too. Where is my beach chair and sun tan lotion???
We're waiting for the herring to run, but hopefully not too soon until the rivers, ponds and bays unfreeze to provide take out for the early ospreys returning.
We're hanging in there, Melanie
Nancy L 03/09/15 02:44 pm Above 50 degrees here in the Great River area of Long Island today!!
Melanie 03/09/15 03:10 pm I picked up a bag of seed and put up my office feeders since foraging has been pretty sparse this past week (there's another feeder at the end of my building so I don't feel too bad). I am getting the usual cardinals, juncos, titmice (whom no one loves, still), chickadees, house finches and a red-bellied woodpecker. Plus I am getting the very annoying starlings and the big surprise are mockingbirds. Don't think I've ever seen one come to the feeder before

I actually went out on my porch to start my spring garden cleanup and ended up collecting 4 lighters, 15 spent butts, several cigarette pack wrappers and a few plastic coffee lids for good measure. But it's still delightful outside. It makes me think of an old item from the Prairie Home Companion catalog from years ago of a person wearing a big puffy down parka that resembles the Michelin Man who suddenly becomes a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Yes, spring has sprung!
Shelley 03/09/15 05:09 pm Today is the first day since mid-December that we have had temps above zero (Celcius) and it only gets warmer as the week goes on. Yay!

I spent 2 hours this morning shovelling snow off my back patio so that as it melts it won't run back to my basement! (I hope).

It was so nice to hear (and see) the mating calls and conversations of the cardinals as I shovelled, and I even heard robins for the first time, though couldn't spot them. I had a house finch at my feeder for the first time today, too, since last fall.

Spring can't come fast enough for me!
Anne-UK 03/09/15 07:02 pm I'm glad to hear it's finally starting to warm up out there for you all. I really don't know how you survive with all that snow and cold for so long. You must be a hardy lot!
FOB Webmaster 03/09/15 08:49 pm I'm even excited about the warm rain they're predicting, since it will melt the snow faster. I'm sick of just looking at it!
Trishrg 03/09/15 09:30 pm Meanwhile,on the left coast, in the midst of our drought we eeked out a little rain recently so I made a trip to the desert over the weekend to see wildflowers and do some birding. Hills are colored with poppies and other delicate little flowers, though driving through the Sequoia forest, the Pinyon Pines were brown and all but dead. Lake Isabella is 40 feet below normal. Weird to be birding in the middle of the lake... The Kern River's roaring rapids are a trickle of a lazy stream. At home, I have my resident Allen's and Anna's hummers busy at my feeders, but raptors are going on the 3rd year with little local breeding success. We are on water rationing and can water only once a week. I'm growing dirt and a few weeds this year and saving gray water for the rose bush. Throw a little snow my way.

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Pamela 03/11/15 09:09 am Trish, your photographs are really beautiful.
I do wish we could send you rain or the melt off that will eventually occur. It may be months before the witch hazel shows the first sign of spring or the snow drops appear. The red winged black bird and the osprey you sent were enough for today, thank you Trish.
Trishrg 03/13/15 08:05 am Hi Pamela- thank you. I have discovered a couple of passions since watching birds online. I enjoy watching them more in person, and photographing them is wonderful!
On the weather front, It was 96 in Anaheim yesterday, going to be a balmy 90 today, then back up to 94 on Saturday. I'm sending warm weather your way. Hopefully the Santa Ana winds will die down a bit beforehand.

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