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Thread subject: Hanover, PA eagle nest has 2 eaglets, as of today!
Name Date Message
Shelley 03/25/15 04:24 pm Despite all the snow that the parents had to deal with, both seem fine and fish is plentiful!

I have noticed that the male has a gouge on the right side of his beak. When he is on the nest and facing the right side of the screen, you can easily notice. He has been a wonderful provider so far so this injury (probably an old one) doesn't seem to be impeding his ability to catch fish!

The cam picture tends to break up frequently in the last couple of days, I've noticed, but just reclicking to reload seems to work
Shelley 03/26/15 11:46 am Yikes. Chick #1 (I am assuming) is relentlessly beating up on #2, even though mama is valiantly trying to feed them. I saw this yesterday as well. I know this is common but never saw it in chicks so young. They are, at best, only a few days old. Difficult to watch and even though dad is a great provider and there is often more than enough food for all, I hope they both survive and that the little one doesn't succumb.
Anne-UK 03/27/15 01:57 pm It does seem very young to be beating up the younger one already. I've just watched the time lapse video and there looks to be loads of food going in so you wouldn't think there would be an issue. At least the weather's improved out there.
Shelley 03/27/15 04:27 pm Not only is there a ton of food coming in, but for some reason, they are going crazy with nesting material! I watched the dad bring in the equivalent of what must be like a robin's nest including a huge stick that together, they could barely move. He did that twice while I watched! It's hilarious, though I wonder if all that nesting stuff (looks like hay) isn't burying all the leftover fish that isn't being eaten. That is going to be one stinky nest!!

I didn't notice the aggression at the feeding I saw this morning but I have been out all day and haven't looked in yet, having just got home.
Anne-UK 03/27/15 05:23 pm I'm just looking in now and there are two untouched fish on the nest. One with tail still flapping!
Shelley 03/27/15 06:09 pm I can see 2 fish, the one half eaten, at the bottom (4 o'clock position on the nest) and another that looks whole (except I just noticed its head is gone), at the top, 12 o'clock position. There were 2 up there this morning. I hope one of them has been removed and not just buried.
Anne-UK 03/27/15 06:18 pm There's the one you describe at 12 o'clock ish, and another at 2 o'clock. That one's not so easy to see, it was the flapping tail that caught my eye. I imagine it's stopped flapping by now :)
I dread to think what's under all that bedding!
Anne-UK 03/27/15 06:20 pm Oh, I just looked in again and there's a pretty mangled fish at 4 o'clock. If that's the one that was at 2 o'clock before, it's definitely stopped flapping!
Anne-UK 03/27/15 06:30 pm Now I see there are four fish in the nest. I just got my first live view of these chicks and something doesn't seem quite right. There's more sibling arguing that eating. I don't know which is the older chick, but does one of them seem to you as if it doesn't open its beak properly to take food when it's offered?
Shelley 03/27/15 06:56 pm I had not noticed that, Anne The first chick hatched on March 24, the second, a day later. Size-wise, it's hard to tell them apart but I am guessing that it's the first one who is the aggressor. Sad to say, but I'd be surprised if the little one survives so much aggression from such an early age. I can say that I noticed the mother trying hard to feed equally, the other day. There certainly is enough to go around
Shelley 03/27/15 07:11 pm Anne, feeding happening right now. The chick who seems most eager has a bit of white on its beak. The other one is meeker but I did see it open its mouth (not as aggressively but enough). Nothing to indicate that it *can't* open its mouth but you are right, it seems to not be doing so as often as the other one. Mama is trying, can't fault her.
Anne-UK 03/27/15 07:35 pm It kept buffering while I was watching earlier so it was a bit difficult to work out what was going on. It seemed that both chicks were equally inclined to start a fight so what with that and the similarity in size I couldn't figure out which was the older. I thought possibly the one that seemed to not open its beak was older. I think this cam needs some watching to work out what's going on.
Shelley 03/28/15 07:36 am Good morning! I just peeked in and mama is sitting pretty, with 3 seemingly large and mostly intact (except for the heads, I think) fish surrounding her. I believe there is also one partially under her (ugh!). Either dad is working overtime or they are just not hungry but it seems like a banquet of riches that they just can't keep up with.

And oh dear, it's snowing there again. I really hope it doesn't accumulate this time, now that the chicks are hatched. This winter has been relentless.
Anne-UK 03/28/15 02:24 pm Three fish and now the remnants of something that had bones and possibly fur. Dad's providing a real feast for this family.
Shelley 03/30/15 05:19 pm Anne, have you checked in lately? The male finally came in and hauled off one of the fish from the top (back of the nest) earlier and I am hoping he removes some of the others, too. I have counted up to 5 or 6 remaining fish, at one time! Then today, I am quite sure I saw mama feeding her chicks a squirrel. The tail was quite obvious. And now, suddenly I tuned in and there appears to be a new mammal, quite black and furry where the squirrel had been earlier. Yikes, what a menu!!

The chicks seem to be doing well, though, and thankfully, not quite as aggressive. Both are about the same size and the nest cup looks almost like a sink-hole! They've gone to town with nesting material, as well as fish. Those chicks are not going anywhere any time soon! They were also alone on the nest for quite some time today, too
Anne-UK 03/31/15 03:33 am Hi Shelley. I couldn't get the cam to stream for a while, but I did manage to look in yesterday and saw something 'interesting' being fed to the chicks. I noticed both opening their beaks wide so my concerns on that score were unfounded. They look to be doing well and growing fast. Not surprising really with all that food! There really is no need for any aggression you'd think. Maybe they've worked that one out now.

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