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Thread subject: Of *stuff* in the nest, and other adventurers
Name Date Message
Shelley 03/30/15 07:27 pm We all know that osprey are great collectors of *stuff* in their nests. But as you can probably tell by the length (and obsessiveness) of the previous thread, I have been following the eagle nest in Hannover, PA. The sheer number of fish being brought in by the male is astounding. I think I counted up to 7 the other day. I'm sure the nest stinks by now. I did see him come in today and actually carry away one of the old fish. Wish he'd do the same for the rest of them.

But of particular interest and curiosity, are the mammals that are appearing at an alarming rate. Earlier today, I saw mama feeding what truly looked like a squirrel to her chicks. The furry tail was kind of hanging off the right side of the nest, flapping in the wind. And then, a couple of hours ago, a huge SKUNK appeared!

So, at this writing, I can see the following on the nest: 3 fish (remains) at the top of the nest along with something unidentifiable, 1 fish at the right side of the nest along with what I presume is the remains of the squirrel (looks like the tail) plus the skunk, front and centre. And, might I add, mama doesn't seem too impressed....

What do you think? Hannover eagles
Anne-UK 03/31/15 12:23 pm I wonder how long that furry thing is going to stay there. If it is a skunk, would it have taken live or is it more likely to be roadkill do you think? These little chicks certainly aren't going to go hungry any time soon.
Shelley 03/31/15 12:34 pm I am also thinking that once a skunk is dead, doesn't it emit that classic eau-de-skunk? Add that to the accumulating rotting fish and I'm thinking it's a good thing birds don't have a sense of smell....

As for roadkill, I don't know but I wouldn't think they would do that. I thought they kill their own. I'd say to ensure freshness but that can hardly be a concern at this nest
Anne-UK 03/31/15 02:57 pm Ha ha that made me chuckle. Sweet smelling definitely doesn't appear to be the top priority.

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