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Thread subject: Loch of the Lowes- Female on the nest
Name Date Message
Trishrg 03/31/15 02:28 pm Just happened to look in on my lunch break and saw this.

I give up on trying to make that link click-able...

Anne-UK 03/31/15 02:34 pm was just about to log in and say the same Trish. Who do you think it is? Definitely not the male but I'm not daring to think it's our old girl yet.
Trishrg 03/31/15 02:36 pm I couldn't tell you . I'm surprised to not see zooming in on her iris like they did last year. Who's driving the camera?
Where's Tiger and Daisy?? Yoo hoo!
Anne-UK 03/31/15 02:39 pm Not our girl according to the Loch Garten forum. A shame, but it didn't feel as if it was her facially. The body all fluffed up and looking a bit tatty had me hoping, but I suspect that's just down to the howling gales we're suffering today. I do wonder if it might be a descendant of Lady Marge though. There is a similarity to my mind. Unringed so there's no way of knowing.
Anne-UK 03/31/15 02:41 pm I presume it's the night camera with no-one operating it. If she was there earlier they will surely have zoomed in to check the eyes.
I forgot to put the link on my last post to the LG discussion board - all the latest will no doubt be posted on there as and when it happens. Link
Anne-UK 03/31/15 02:44 pm My link takes you to (I think) page 22 of the message board. If you go back to the previous page you will see that the resident male doesn't seem to mind too much if it's not our girl :)
Anne-UK 03/31/15 03:00 pm Official update - Link to LotL Blog
Trishrg 03/31/15 03:01 pm Excellent! Thanks for posting the link to the forum..
And yes, the male seems quite happy to oblige her advances!!

Funny how I see the same folks on different forums. I haven't seen Scylla on the Barn Owl cam forum lately and see she has Osprey on the mind now. :-)
DaisyG 04/01/15 05:21 am Hi everyone :)
No it is not Lady, never thought it was. Looks to be a much younger female. She does bear some striking similarities to Lady though, which makes people think they may be related.
Anne-UK 04/03/15 04:25 pm The similarities appear to include staying on the nest all night. I've been away for a couple of days but have just been catching up with the discussion on the LG forum where several people have commented on it. I always thought Lady was pretty unique in this habit but don't follow enough nests to know. So I wonder, could it be in the genes or is it simply that this is a very desirable nest and females think night roosting will make their tenure more secure. Just one of many unknowns I guess.

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