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Thread subject: Worries at Loch Garten. Odin is Missing
Name Date Message
Tiger 05/06/15 11:35 am There are worries at Loch Garten. Odin the male osprey is missing.

See Odin Missing
Trishrg 05/06/15 03:24 pm Same thing happening at Dunrovin in Montana. Male is MIA for 2 days now, so the female needs to either pick another mate (and apparently there are several suitors) and start over, or it will be a failed nest this year.
Anne-UK 05/06/15 03:26 pm Oh, that's not good. I know there have been issues with intruders recently, but I thought things had settled down again now.
Fingers very tightly crossed for his safe return sooner rather than later.
martyc35 05/06/15 07:39 pm Fingers crossed here, too.
good luck to Odin and EJ.
Anne-UK 05/07/15 11:25 am Still no sign of him. I'm trying to remember - the year Dennis went missing and Betty was left defending the nest and eggs on her own. Does anyone remember how long that went on for before he finally returned?
Anne-UK 05/07/15 01:29 pm Answering my own question here. It was three days, all bar four hours. 2007 26th to 29th April. Apparently the cam was down quite a bit so we don't know for sure how long Betty went without food - the last recorded fish delivery was two days before Dennis went missing, so anything from 3 to 5 days.
From memory, the season went well once Dennis returned. I'll check on that later - for now it gives me some hope for Odin, though I confess it's not great hope as things stand.
If anyone's interested in looking back, the posts I found info on were the ones titled "Was that Dennis???" and "Obs Board - last recorded sighting of Dennis" on the bottom third of this page.
Okay, my link didn't work. To get to the relevant page I searched the 2007 archives, by message text, for the words "is this Dennis". (If anyone's interested of course. I could be wasting my time here I know ;) )
Anne-UK 05/07/15 05:36 pm Actually (if anyone is interested in looking back ha ha) it's easiest to go to the obs board from 2007 or to the message board from that year. MB relevant pages are 120 to 113. It's remarkably similar to what's happening at LG except that Dennis was seen around the nest by TimP, though we didn't know that until afterwards. I don't think there's been any sign of Odin which is the worrying part in this story.
We wondered back in '07 if this sort of thing actually happened quite often but we were just unaware. I think that may well be the case. The same events unfolded this very season at one of the Rutland nests. Over the course of almost a full week the male was ousted, the eggs were broken, the female seemed to accept a new male (there were 2 males intruding). But the resident male was seen fishing during his exile and after a few days recuperation he won back the nest and his female and they are now incubating a new egg when all seemed lost.

Tiger 05/07/15 09:24 pm Here was my comment about the fish.

See Anyone sad for the fish?
Tiger 05/07/15 09:29 pm And the point where the fish arrived.

See Fish
Tiger 05/07/15 09:31 pm It really is only a matter of time until EJ has to give up.
Nancy L 05/08/15 04:12 pm Thanks for the memories, Tiger!

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