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Thread subject: Greenport Long Island Eggs to hatch any day/moment
Name Date Message
Celeste 06/08/15 06:26 pm I don't get the opportunity to check all entries here as often as I'd like, but just in case....nice quality cam with sound "George & Grace", eggs about to hatch in Greenport, Long Island, NorthFork. Don't know how many eggs as the female is nesting.

Article: Article
Celeste 06/08/15 06:31 pm Just read the article after posting and the person who set up the camera doesn't know who the male or female osprey is. Hmmmm....did they forget all about "us"? :-)
Kathy 06/10/15 01:03 pm Thank you...Thank you Celeste for posting about this Osprey cam!! I will watch and imagine I am seeing "our" Betty & Dennis and "our nest." Oh...any chance you contacted them and gave them an Osprey 101 lesson or told them about the DPOF site? It will certainly educate them about Ospreys! ;-)
Celeste 06/10/15 09:18 pm I thought the same thing Kathy....It feels "familiar" doesn't it? Ah, Osprey 101..that's what made our site so great the fact that we could all learn together. Such fun! Hmm....always remember the 4th with you, myself and Mickey watching the nest and the new chicks and thinking of the names, "Freedom and Liberty"! Where did the years go?
Sweet memories!!!!!
Celeste 06/10/15 09:19 pm I just checked the's 9:10pm and I do believe I saw a chick!
Tiger 06/11/15 05:33 am Ah Celeste you were pioneers.
DaisyG 06/11/15 05:58 am Oh that's great Celeste. Lovely quality too. Thanks!
Kathy 06/12/15 11:59 am A few minutes ago I saw a chick and two eggs!
Celeste 06/13/15 07:55 am The last few mornings when I do have a chance to check here and there the cam is down! Glad you saw what is going on Kathy. I saw the chick at dusk and couldn't make out anything else. I know the nest is in someone's yard and the other day we were around that area and I "wondered!"😊
Anne-UK 06/13/15 03:57 pm What a great cam. I see two chicks and one egg. Male currently on the nest eating, while the female shouts for fish, as do the two little ones. And now the male is feeding the female. I think maybe you should have a stroll along that beach next time you're in the area Celeste :)
Anne-UK 06/13/15 04:21 pm This seems strange. The male continued to feed the female, who continued calling the whole time I was watching. A couple of times she half offered one chick some of what she was given, but mostly she just seemed interested in feeding herself. At one point she walked to the left side of the nest. The male, on the right side looked puzzled and as if he was considering feeding the chicks himself. She made no attempt to take the fish from him, even when he stood off it. He has now flown, the fish is on the side of the nest. I just saw his shadow so suspect his is on a post above the nest. She continues to call, while the chicks have flopped down. They were both sitting up and asking to be fed, but they've had not a morsel so far. Now he's just dropped down into the nest and again she is demanding to be fed and he is obliging. I don't see any being passed to the chicks.
Anne-UK 06/13/15 04:38 pm Fish all gone now, and it was a decent sized one. What he didn't give to the female he appeared to eat himself. I don't believe the chicks got any. I don't think I've ever seen this before.
Anne-UK 06/13/15 05:26 pm Definitely seems to be something wrong at this nest at present. Male returned just now and fed two or three bites to one chick. The female was fish calling, came and took the fish and has since been standing on it, looking at the male, and continually fish calling. The male found a couple of scraps in the nest which he fed to the chick but they were so small I couldn't even see them. He knows they need to be fed, but it looks as if the female hasn't realised that yet. I wonder if she's a first time mum. The male looks totally bemused - I know how he feels!
Anne-UK 06/13/15 05:44 pm Last instalment from me for today. She dragged the fish to the side of the nest and left it there while she came back and fish called again until the male move toward the fish. She followed and once again he fed her. She is now feeding herself while he moves a few sticks around. Sadly he doesn't seem to have noticed the one in the egg cup which for a while was lying over both chicks.
At last she has started feeding the chicks! Phew. I hope that means things are on track at last.
Trishrg 06/13/15 05:50 pm I saw the same thing last night, female on the nest cup, a chick beneath her calling, and the male feeding the female. I thought it was cute at first but after several minutes it seemed bizarre.
Celeste 06/14/15 05:49 am Finally witnessing a feeding and yes, the female is feeding herself and facing away from the chicks. The male is still in the nest. Sometimes she looks like she is trying to turn herself and the large fish towards the chicks, but so far feeding herself is taking priority. Hmmmm, the frustrations and talking to the screen are back! ð
Celeste 06/14/15 05:52 am Thank goodness, FINALLY, she managed to flap her wings step over some seashells, and figure out how to get closer to the chicks, and each chick got a piece of fish!
Anne-UK 06/14/15 08:39 am Yes, things seem more normal today. She's feeding the chicks now and both look to be doing okay.
Kathy 06/14/15 11:29 am Glad to see good reports about feeding. A few days ago I saw the male feeding the female and the chick being ignored, even when he had his mouth wide open. I was, like you Celeste yelling at the screen....feed your chick! Then started mother? So I guess she finally figured out what she has to do! :-)
Anne-UK 06/14/15 01:16 pm Pleased to see she's shading the chicks from the sun today too. It looks very hot out there.
Trishrg 06/20/15 02:45 pm The last 3 times I checked in on this nest the chicks were being fed. No aggression seen and the adult was doing a great job at making sure all 3 got bites of food.
Anne-UK 06/22/15 04:15 pm Yes, they all seem to be doing well now. Though I was bit worried about the little one when he got stuck on his back yesterday. His fat tummy made it difficult for him to turn right side up again, but he managed eventually.
I picked up a good tip from the comments section below the screen - it seems you can click on the red slider bar and go back through time by up to 4 hours to catch up on what's been happening. We could have done with that feature on the DPOF nest at times.
Trishrg 06/23/15 08:08 pm Horrible storm passing thru, seems it just knocked out the cam at 8pm exactly local time. Unless they turned it off. The nest was rocking and rolling.
Anne-UK 06/30/15 04:43 pm This nest makes tough viewing.
Trishrg 07/01/15 08:47 am The little one has finally slipped away. Hard to watch yes, but the other 2 should have improved chances of surviving to fledge now. The comments are pretty brutal, but I see Rob B. has chimed in with his infinite wisdom. Must be tough to be the cam operator.
Anne-UK 07/01/15 09:06 am Oh, thanks for that update Trish. I'm glad he's finally gone. It was too much watching the beatings. I had hoped we had another Flag on our hands, but sadly not.
Yes, I really feel for the chap who's set up the cam. I've stopped reading the comments, but he doesn't have much choice. It's good that Rob B has added his voice to the mix. I'm sure his advice and support are much appreciated.

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