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Thread subject: Remembering Dennis
Name Date Message
Marilyn 07/02/15 09:13 am Dennis Puleston was the first person I thought of when our son saw our first osprey flying along the Tioga River in upstate NY in the late 1980s. We corresponded with Dennis after that & he guided our observations for many years. It gets better! In the early 1990s, we became volunteers for an osprey introduction program just over the border in PA at the Tioga-Hammond Lake area, directed by two biologists & the Army Corps of Engineers. That was a successful program which lasted for five years. We reported to Dennis by letter & in person during visits to our family on Long Island.

In 2002, we began our mission to provide a nesting pole & platform on our own property in Lindley, NY for returning ospreys.
In 2004 our first pair of adult birds checked out our site & moved in! Since then twenty-five chicks have fledged from that nest. We have been delighted to be able to watch the life cycle of these ospreys year after year. We owe this joy to Dennis Puleston. He was truly a pioneer in alerting many of us to protecting the environment & efforts to save this beautiful species.
Shelley 07/02/15 11:23 am Wow, what a wonderful memory! Thanks for posting that! Is your nest still active?
Nancy L 07/02/15 12:36 pm Hi Marilyn.....your name looks new to our site. Does your family live near the Puleston's? Where is Lindley?
Peter & Sally are down from New Brunswick, visiting this week.
bethohio 07/03/15 08:35 am Great post Marilyn!
Marilyn 07/03/15 09:14 am Response to Shelly & Nancy L:
Yes, the nest is still active!

Members of my family, Porto/Stephani, are still in the Bellport/E.Patchougue area. I was Marilyn Porto when I went to BHS, class of '58. Dennis Edward was in my class. My uncles, Joe, Vincent, Charles & Aunt Florence Colichio ran Hawkin's store in Bellport during my HS years. My sister, Ellen Schain, taught at BHS.

I married Dennis Abbey in 1964 & we moved upstate with our two sons in 1972. Lindley is about an hour & a half west of Binghamton, NY, south of Corning, NY.
The Puleston family enriched our lives. Wish we could clone them & gift them to every town in America. : )

Kathy 07/03/15 09:20 am Welcome Marilyn. What a nice memory and comment about your feelings for the Puleston family.
Nancy L 07/03/15 02:55 pm Marilyn......I see exactly where you live. My husband & I passed very near you a few weeks ago, on our way to Canandaigua. We were visiting my old college roommate from Geneseo. Maybe we'll look you up sometime.
Celeste 07/07/15 05:01 am Marilyn, if I am not mistaken, you once posted and/or acknowledged us, (via e-mail), the first year of observing. I remember you saying you lived upstate. Only a couple of weeks ago, while thinking about the nest and Dennis, I thought of you, but couldn't remember your name. Dennis' legacy forever is very special. His actions, the nest, the creation of this site in 2003, I believe, is the foundation of today's osprey cams, awareness, sites on Facebook devoted to learning about osprey,
and the beat goes on!!!!!! Thank you for thinking of us!

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