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Thread subject: Woods Hole
Name Date Message
Trishrg 07/10/15 07:29 pm I was reading on facebook that the adult female is beating up the kids again. Same thing happened last year. Lack of food? Bizarre whatever it is. The chicks both have thier heads down low right now.
FOB Webmaster 07/10/15 08:52 pm I saw some of the comments/photos on Window on Wildlife. Are they sure it's the mother and not an intruder?
Trishrg 07/10/15 09:00 pm Facebook people seem pretty sure it's the mother. I've finally learned to look away when stuff happens I don't need to see or don't understand,so I read comments to fill in the gaps. Sometimes that's as difficult as watching the cams..
Anne-UK 07/11/15 06:02 am Same time as last year - early July. The latest tweet comment below the cam seems to suggest food has been in short supply so I'm guessing that's the reason. Is this a time of year when there are not so many fish in the local waters?
Shelley 07/11/15 08:13 pm Anne, this is a direct copy of a note posted by Dr. Erick Greene, of the Hellgate (Montana) osprey nest site. Though the osprey pair there, Iris and Stanley, lost all 3 of their eggs just days before hatching, due to a freak hailstorm, they are still in the area, bonding and staying together. Dr. Greene posted this on July 2, about the weather and fishing conditions and this may explain why it can be so hard to keep everyone fed sometimes:

"The temperatures of the rivers are record high now, which is very hard on many species of fish here that need cold, well-oxygenated water. There have been three straight days of fish-killing temperatures in Montana, and so Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks just started "hoot owl" fishing rules in all the major rivers in western Montana to try to reduce pressure on the already stressed fish. This means that you can only fish between midnight and 2 PM."
Anne-UK 07/12/15 04:29 am Wow. Thanks Shelley. That definitely sounds as if it could explain things.
Trishrg 07/12/15 01:28 pm Things looking up this morning. They are all fed well. A little aggression between the chicks early in the morning, but they're all good now.
Anne-UK 07/12/15 04:28 pm That's good to hear. Thanks Trish. Let's hope it stays that way.
Trishrg 07/15/15 01:44 pm Chick 2 went overboard during an attack from chick 1 during a feeding. I was watching, looked away then there was only 1 chick in the nest.
From the WoW forum:
C2 tried to move up on the outside. C1 reached over Mom to attack (and Mom moved out of the way after C1 almost climbed over her). That left C2 in a very vulnerable position, face to face with C1, who was (I think) trying to grab her beak as well as remove feathers. She moved back, C1 pushed forward, and I thought I saw a brief flurry of feathers - and then C1 went back to Mom's location and continued with the feeding.

Glad you saw that, jazzel, and keeping fingers crossed that C2 has enough feather/wing development to have glided down safely
Anne-UK 07/15/15 04:44 pm Oh no. I haven't been looking in much, just brief visits now and again but it was all looking relatively peaceful. I'll check the WoW message board. I imagine Jazzel will be going out to the nest site, though I don't know how close she can get to the nest. These two can't be too far off fledging so maybe it did manage to glide down okay.
Anne-UK 07/15/15 04:46 pm Message on the cam page. Sounds like good news:

July 15, 2015 - 2 p.m.
The chick was recovered alive, appeared unharmed and is being taken to a rehab facility.

July 15, 2015 - 4 p.m.
The chick has been examined and the initial prognosis is very good. It has no broken bones and is alert.

Trishrg 07/15/15 05:33 pm Funny how things work out. This was probably the best thing that could have happened to this nest. Now the other chick will be the only one the adults need to provide for, and hopefully C2 will get thru rehab okay.
Anne-UK 07/15/15 06:12 pm I was thinking much the same Trish. And so lucky for C2 that there's a nest cam plus Jazzel (who acted so quickly!) and expert rehabbers close by.
Anne-UK 07/15/15 06:19 pm Update on WH website - here
Trishrg 07/15/15 10:33 pm I sure don't miss being glued to cams like I used to be. So much drama for us humans. Of course, this probably happens all the time, we just don't see it.
bethohio 07/16/15 12:23 pm Little one didn't make it :(
Info on cam page...
Anne-UK 07/16/15 04:08 pm Thanks Beth. Not the news we wanted to hear, but that's nature I guess. Woods Hole hasn't had the best of years recently :(
Trishrg 07/22/15 05:43 pm WHOI website message says they are removing the chick from the nest and they have turned off the cam after over 48 hours without food for the chick.
Anne-UK 07/23/15 04:37 am Thanks Trish. Fingers crossed for this little one. It's been a tough year on that nest again :(
Anne-UK 07/24/15 05:14 pm So far so good it seems. I just read this on the WoW forum, posted by Jazzel:-

The rehabber just reported: C1 is doing "real well" flying around his yard in short bursts eating, etc. He seemed very pleased.
Trishrg 07/24/15 08:47 pm Right on
Thanks for posting the update message.
bethohio 07/27/15 09:49 am Great news!!

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