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Thread subject: Woods Hole Juvie - Good News
Name Date Message
Anne-UK 07/29/15 01:11 pm Just found the following on the WoW forum, posted by Jazzel yesterday:-

"C1 fledged from the rehabber on it's own, no bands, just good. C1 was much stronger than C2. C1 had been getting most of the food brought to the nest all of July, the last days took a toll because of dehydration, that was reversed, C1 flew off strong. Never know C1 may show up on the bad no cam..but I'll watching as time permits..."

Nice to see Mickey in good form on there too. Just like the good old days on here :)
bethohio 07/29/15 02:24 pm Thanks Anne!!
Mickey 07/29/15 03:54 pm Hey ! I was being really nice till "someone" took a shot at me ;) Now some guy is saying the fledged chicks arent taught by Dad how to fish. I only peeked in to see why they turned off the cam. I gotta stay out of there! The thought that David Gessner doesnt know what he`s talking about makes my mind go *BOOOOOM* "theres no place like home"
Mickey 07/29/15 04:17 pm I also think they wasted a great opportunity to band the chick. I wont say that over there though. Hey Mel.Can you give us the specifics on what has to be in place to band a Osprey?
Anne-UK 07/29/15 05:05 pm Well for what it's worth, I don't understand why they turned the cam off. There's a lot of folk who I'm sure would like to see how things carried on after the juvie was removed from the nest, and particularly now it's fledged to see if it returns to base.
Catching fish is surely going to be a big challenge for this youngster. Will it manage on its own, or will it go home to be looked after for a while longer.
There may be good reasons for not tagging - maybe there was no-one in the area able to do it - but I'm surprised it's not even been banded.
PS - I think you should stay in there Mickey. It livened things up for a while.

Mickey 07/29/15 05:09 pm of course I meant banded. Thanks for the gentle correction Anne........... MEL........... I meant banded ;) I will change the word tag in my previous post to banded.
Anne-UK 07/29/15 05:24 pm Ah right, that makes sense. I just read through the last couple of pages on that forum again and noticed you'd said you were glad it was unlikely they'd tag the juvie.
I also see the mods posting about deleting posts that step out of line. Funny, if they mean you, because you didn't step out of line at all until you were provoked into showing how it would look if you did!
I've noticed a few times how non-regulars get jumped on over there. A shame, but that seems to be the way it is.
Celeste 07/31/15 05:03 am No matter how many cams, I like the term Mickey used..This is "home"! :-)
Anne-UK 07/31/15 08:01 am I couldn't agree more Celeste. This is still the only message board I post on. Any questions or anything to share, for me there's only one place to go. Everywhere else I'm "just visiting" :)
Trishrg 07/31/15 08:16 am There's no place like home, no place like home.
Kathy 07/31/15 11:19 am And I always return "home"
Tiger 08/03/15 04:35 pm Strange how this chick that was only fledged some days was expected to fend for itself?
Anne-UK 08/04/15 03:56 am Exactly! Yet even dare to suggest that on the WoW forum and you'll be shot down in flames.
Mickey 08/04/15 11:48 am I`ve now read alot of posts over there. At the height of this board was it ever so condescending or dismissive as over there ? The only real issue I remember from here was sticking to observations only. I`d love to discuss the issue of does a chick learn to fish from Dad or is it just hard wired and Dad just feeds the chicks. Theres a guy saying factually the chicks are hard wired from birth to know how to fish. I`ve had so many posts removed, I`m just not going to bother.
Anne-UK 08/04/15 01:32 pm Thing is, this message board is pretty unique. It was, and still is, a very special place where everyone is welcome and there is no one person who believes they know everything.
I knew absolutely nothing about ospreys when I was first directed her by Tiger. Yet no-one talked down to me. They simply educated me in the most wonderful fashion - and still do to this day.
Respect is the single word I would use for this message board. From all, to all. That is a very rare commodity in the wide world of forums in my experience. Oh, and the obs board was a real plus. I wish other cam sites would have one. It made it so easy to keep track of events.

Now I have a question relating to Woods Hole. For those who used to watch Woods Hole in years past - was there ever a problem on this nest such as we have seen in the last two seasons?
Trishrg 08/04/15 06:36 pm I know Bald Eagles released from hack towers have gone on to thrive from the Catalina reintroduction program. No reason to think that an Osprey would not have the instinct to do what it has to do to fish and find food. So here's a thought... after checking out the Kent nest site, thanks to Mickey's post, they had a "visitor" fledgling pop in and the adult fed it with no aggression. Hopefully C1 will have enough wits to find food one way or the other.
Mickey 08/04/15 07:54 pm I dont have a answer Anne.
What a great fuzzy rainbows and unicorns thought for C1 Trish ! I`ll buy it :)
Tiger 08/05/15 05:31 am If ospreys are released from hacking towers, as is happening in a number of places right now, they have to have fish supplied until they migrate.
Trishrg 08/05/15 08:12 am I think I do remember they were putting out food near the hacking towers for the Eagles, good point Tiger.
Tiger 08/05/15 01:33 pm Yes here is the story. See Translocation
Anne-UK 08/05/15 04:26 pm That's what I thought too. Maybe the rehabbers have done the same for this juvie, but I guess we'll never know.
Tiger 08/06/15 02:19 am As I understand it they released it a week after they rescued it.
Anne-UK 08/06/15 08:36 am I think you're right Tiger. I don't understand the point in taking this juvie into rehab and then not providing follow-up care after fledging. To me that's half a job. But if fish had been supplied surely that news would have filtered through. Oh well.

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