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Thread subject: Lemme Tell A Story
Name Date Message
Mickey 10/29/15 09:09 pm Its gunna be a long one. So in 2014 my brother & wife go do this camping thing at Katmai National Park, Alaska. One jet a 2 sea planes to get there. The reason? The draw? Brown bears. Males. Females, Females with cubs. The bears are basically eating fish by the hundreds every day in July,Aug,Sept and most of Oct. You walk among these huge beasts. But they dont want to eat you. You`re to hard to catch compared to spawning salmon. So heres the good part. They have web cams and a msg board. (msg board blows) He`s been after me to watch since last year. I never did. Until he sent me a msg from Italy to watch now. So I popped on. It turns out that out of the thousands of acres for a Momma and her 2 cubs to walk, they picked a road to walk down right smack dab in front of a web cam. One cub became wobbly and dropped to the ground. And for the next 3 days on the web cam, I watched that cub die. But worse then that, was watching the Mom and the remaining cub mourn the cub for those 3 days as it slipped away. The msg board was off the chain. I kept thinking of here. You could tell who the regulars were. They were pretty cool with all the newbie questions. If you need to lose a day or 5 take a peak. The cams are broke prolly till next Summer. The chat is down the page.
Trishrg 10/31/15 04:42 pm Just popped in and saw an adult and cub on a little island. Not sure if it's recorded or live, but says it's live.
That's really sucky what you saw. Ugh. At least you all had the message board to share.
Celeste 11/01/15 04:38 am Yikes! What an intro the first time you check in! Yes, and reminiscent of "here". Looking forward to checking things out later!
Mickey 11/01/15 05:01 pm its been on "highlights" for about 1 week Trish
zorro89 11/02/15 12:59 pm I've been watching Katmai cam for about 7-8 mos now, what amazes me is fisherman doing their thing and brown bears are also fishing near the humans, guess they're used to us by now. Really sad to watch the second cub expire, no body seems to know exactly what caused the injury. Your right Mickey it's a very educational site, sound also. aka terryo I still think of Flag and wonder if he made it and is still around. Take care.
martyc35 11/03/15 04:06 pm Yup. Me too.
Nancy L 11/04/15 10:36 am Didn't we all root for little 'Flag?' Loved those days!

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