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Thread subject: "Just" a "first time" observation from Sanibel Island
Name Date Message
Celeste 05/04/16 05:44 am I recently returned from Sanibel which I call the "land of osprey" as osprey chirps there fill the air like sparrows! I was at Ding Darling Refuge which we visit at least twice a day and as we were entering I noticed a large osprey floating in the water like a duck. I didn't get clear photos as I was trying to figure out how and where I could get in touch with someone as I noticed that the osprey would rise out of the water a bit and flap it's wings and then put its head under the water. The osprey would rest, look around and do the flapping wing and head under the water several times. I realized that it must have caught a to big a fish and couldn't release it. People were starting to gather, and I was beginning to get pretty worried that I would witness something I didn't want to see. Thankfully, it was low tide, and I frantically was looking for the main number of this Refuge to see if they intervened in situations like this. After at least 10 minutes, thankfully, the osprey was flapping its wings again and again, FINALLY, and was able to lift out of the water and it flew away. WHEW!

Oh and one more thing that reminded me of how we would feel when we witnessed things on the cam but weren't aware what was going on outside of the nest, except for the loud chirps we would hear. I was visiting an old small winery on Long Island, called Meadow Croft, (where a summer house belonging to the Roosevelts was) and the original caretakers son who is 91 has a small vineyard. I heard loud chirping and saw what we would assume from the chirps two osprey diving at each other fighting for their nest and territory. So here were people enjoying their glass of wine, and Celeste was standing there with her hand on her mouth saying OMG out loud and getting so "osprey" excited witnessing what we would imagine when this cam was around!

"just sharing" :-)
martyc35 05/04/16 04:53 pm Thank you for that very nice story, Celeste.
Anne-UK 05/04/16 05:36 pm I wouldn't like to have seen that osprey struggling in the water. I can imagine your relief when it finally managed to fly away, Celeste.
And yes, we must have missed a lot of 'off screen' action back in the days of this cam. Somehow though, people seemed to piece things together pretty well. I think the obs board played a big part in that - I wish other sites would adopt something similar.

Nancy L 05/05/16 12:22 pm Well that WAS exciting, Celeste. We need more 'eye witness' accounts. Thanks.
Kathy 05/05/16 12:41 pm Regarding your vineyard visit...I can picture that OMG look on your face and everyone around you thinking...what's wrong with this woman! Only an Osprey Lover would get it! Thanks for sharing your story Celeste.
Mickey 05/05/16 04:30 pm did it fly away with a fish or no fish?
Celeste 05/05/16 05:55 pm No fish MIckey the fish in this brackish tidal pond off Tarpon Bay Florida is filled with fish that flip in and out of the water (We think it's mullet)
Celeste 05/05/16 05:56 pm Btw Kathy, spot on! They must have thought I was a bit strange!
Shelley 05/05/16 10:15 pm Great to hear this Celeste.
The Hellgate osprey cam is good, and has sound. This year they also have a twitter feed. I am not on twitter so I can't contribute but I can read the tweets. The original male, Stan, has not returned but there is a new guy in town and he appears to be young but good. 2 eggs so far (there were 3 but the first one was stolen by a raven, caught on cam!!). It's definitely my osprey fix these days!

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