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Thread subject: First hatch at Rutland
Name Date Message
Anne-UK 05/12/17 12:49 pm Blog . Loch of the Lowes due any day now too.
Trishrg 05/15/17 09:04 pm Excellent news! Bring on the 2017 chicks!
Looking forward to more updates!
Thanks Anne
Anne-UK 05/18/17 02:29 pm I believe there are now two chicks each at Rutland, Loch Garten and Loch of the Lowes. Three hatched at Rutland, but sadly the middle one died within a day or so, reason unknown. Still one egg to hatch at all three of those nests (Rutland female laid four this year).
One other piece of news, a Scottish satellite tagged osprey has been visiting LG today. Link
Anne-UK 05/20/17 02:54 pm Tough times for EJ at Loch Garten. The nest has been seriously bothered by intruders and Odin has been missing since Thursday morning. Three tiny chicks, no fish for over 48 hours. Doesn't bode well at the minute :(
Anne-UK 05/22/17 01:37 pm Update on LG. Still no sign of Odin, so unfortunately the inevitable happened and all three chicks died. EJ stayed on the nest the whole time apart from the briefest of comfort breaks every now and again. She did leave for around 20 minutes yesterday morning and I hoped she might return with a fish, but she came back empty taloned.
Lots of debate as to whether LG should have intervened by placing fish on the nest. Personally I don't see this was an option, given we have no idea whether or not Odin will be seen again. Some say it should have been tried, just in case. But my question to them would be if EJ didn't think it necessary to try fetching a fish, then surely we should be guided by her judgement.
Yes, it's very sad that these little chicks perished. But that is nature. I always believe that nature finds its own balance. The problem we have in Scotland now is that the population has successfully increased. Which, of course, is good news. But in turn that brings the issue of competition for nests and partners. Hard though it is to watch, we have to leave things to work out the way nature intends.
martyc 01/01/18 06:31 pm Off topic here. Sorry about the chicks, But I agree on no interference. Last night I spent several hours trying to find a particular Noritake China pattern in Replacements. Finally gave up, but I discovered that NORITAKE had a pattern named Rutland. Who might have guessed that, except that they had so many patterns? Happy new Year, everyone.

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