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Thread subject: Hatching underway at Dyfi
Name Date Message
AnneUK 06/01/18 09:43 am Two chicks are starting to make their way into the world.
Link to DoP
AnneUK 06/01/18 05:13 pm First hatch
AnneUK 06/01/18 05:32 pm Second chick also on the way and they think the third egg is showing signs of a hatch too. This time tomorrow it could be a very full nest.
AnneUK 06/03/18 07:14 am Full house now. Quote from Dyfi -
Emyr Evans - ‚ÄčA six-day egg laying condensed into a 1.7 day hatching. Classic example of "Delayed Incubation Strategy"
AnneUK 06/03/18 07:15 am And yes, I know it seems I'm talking to myself, but there may be someone out there ... :)
clyde 06/03/18 01:09 pm Yes, there is someone out here. Thanks for your posts!
AnneUK 06/03/18 02:42 pm Hooray! Good to 'see' you Clyde. I think there are probably a few popping in now and again, but there's probably not a lot to discuss these days compared to a few years back.
I'm disappointed to see Blackwater haven't had a resident pair this year to grace their new camera. Maybe next year, fingers crossed.
AnneUK 06/03/18 02:52 pm Some anxiety at Dyfi just now. One of the chicks was caught on Telyn's foot when she stood up around an hour ago and ended up out of the nest cup.
Looking at the chat on the live stream, it sounds as if help will be on its way shortly. Thankfully we've got extra hours of daylight at this time of year. More crossing of fingers for this little one now.
AnneUK 06/03/18 03:45 pm All sorted :)
Trishrg2 06/04/18 08:03 am What wonderful news about the hatching, and also about things being sorted out. Great news about such a close hatching as well. Should hopefully create better chances for each chick to hold its own.
Last I read on the DYFI FB page was all the eggs were lost in Chlarach's first nesting attempt. Hoping next year will be better for her.
Nancy L 06/04/18 11:11 am I check in here every week. On my drive to my fitness class, I pass 4 osprey nests -- no cams, They are all active, but since they are high on poles (except one which is level with the bridge I cross) I must guess what's going on now. I think they are nesting on eggs, or if any are hatched, they are really small now.
AnneUK 06/04/18 05:12 pm Hi Trish. Clarach raised chicks last year and things were going well again this year until she got outsmarted by a pair of crows. Hopefully she'll have learnt from that experience and won't be so easily caught out in future seasons.
Loch Garten has also failed this year due to the total inconsistency of the new male. He's the most confusing bird imaginable. Whether it's because he's a novice, or that he suspects (with good reason) that one or possibly two of the eggs weren't his is anyone's guess. Either way he's been a lousy provider - EJ went 8 days without a fish being delivered and in the end had to go catch her own. The only positive is that the eggs haven't hatched so there are no chicks to worry about.
AnneUK 06/04/18 05:15 pm Nancy, it's a shame you can't see what's happening in those nests but there should be plenty for you to see in a few weeks time. From bird sighting records, I suspect there may be at least one active nest not too far away from me this year. Nothing has been made public, but I'm hoping! It would be a first for this part of the UK as far as I know so it's pretty exciting. I need to take a drive out there at some point to see what I can see.
Trishrg2 07/01/18 08:29 am Test. Haven't been able to login here, just got a new computer, so trying again.
Trishrg2 07/01/18 08:33 am YESSSSSS!!!!
Checking on on the Dyfi chicks, they look wonderful. What a great nest this turned out to be this year with 3 chicks so close in hatching and size.
With all the insanity going on with humans on this planet right now, it's so nice to have a little reprieve and see something so peaceful as 3 chicks happy as little clams in this nest.
AnneUK 07/05/18 06:09 pm Hi Trish. Yes it's all going along very nicely at Dyfi. An oasis of calm in a crazy world. Ringing should be happening soon I think.
AnneUK 07/10/18 05:04 pm Two girls and a boy - Ringing blog

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