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Thread subject: The new season begins
Name Date Message
AnneUK 03/14/19 01:43 pm One back at Rutland -
Trishrg2 03/15/19 09:39 pm Saw that today too. And so begins another season.
Weather has been crazy in the US on the east coast. Hoping for the best for our migration.
Nancy L 03/16/19 04:06 pm Watching the 4 nests near me. Hoping they'll be here soon.
AnneUK 03/16/19 05:56 pm Male back at LotL, as of yesterday. Through gales to snowy Scotland. Nothing compared to the storms I've read about in the US though. I just hope they blow out before your birds start heading back.
AnneUK 03/23/19 05:54 pm Resident female arrived back at LotL this afternoon.
AnneUK 03/23/19 06:24 pm Plus resident male back at Rutland today.
AnneUK 04/01/19 05:44 am Both home at Dyfi! Telyn on Saturday, Monty this morning. Have to say this is my favourite nest and pair.
AnneUK 04/01/19 02:13 pm Two camera views to choose from at Dyfi this year. So right now you can either watch Telyn on the nest shouting for fish, or Monty on the perch eating a huge one, ha ha.
cathleen 04/02/19 06:59 pm One week ago, an osprey was spotted diving into Cayuga Lake, in Upstate NY. I have yet to see/hear any osprey on nests at Montezuma Refuge.
So nice to see everyone here---this the birthplace of my osprey addiction! <3
AnneUK 04/03/19 08:11 am Mine too Cathleen. I see Iris is back at Hellgate.
cathleen 04/03/19 01:49 pm Yes, it seems they are everywhere all of a sudden, but EJ has not yet shown herself at Loch Garten. :-(
AnneUK 04/03/19 05:57 pm I've a feeling we may not see EJ this year. The last two seasons were tough for her. You never know though - so far I don't think any osprey has been seen on that nest so it's still early days.
cathleen 04/05/19 09:53 am Reluctantly so, I agree. But it is also true no other osprey have been seen on the nest either, except for one brief touchdown this morning (not EJ). It would be a major disappointment if this nest, considered "prime real estate" should be empty this season...
But as you say, Anne, it is still early in the season.
AnneUK 04/05/19 05:44 pm Another week should tell us more, one way or the other.

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