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2003 Season

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First Day with the Osprey Cam Online (3/23/03)

Clips from the inagural day

Repelling an Intruder (4/3/03)

One of the birds repells an intruder — (5 min).

Unusual Behavior (4/3/03)

What do you suppose he's up to here? Headstand — (30 sec.)

The First Egg (4/8/03)

It is estimated that the first egg arrived at approximately 10:40 pm on Tuesday, April 8th, the day after a late winter storm left about four inches of snow in the nest. Video clips (with sound) of the event follow:

Laying the first egg — long version (19 min)
Laying the first egg — short version (4.5 min)

The Second Egg (4/11/03)

The estimate for the time of the arrival of the second egg is 6:50 pm on Friday, April 11th, or about 2 days and 20 hours after the arrival of the first egg. A video clip (with sound) of the event follows:

Laying the second egg — (10.5 min)

The Third Egg (4/14/03)

The third osprey egg arrived sometime between 4:10 pm and 4:38 pm on April 14th. There is not much to see. She just gets up and there are three eggs.

The Fourth Egg (4/18/03)

A fourth egg was observed on April 18th.

More Unusual Behavior? (4/29/03)

On Tuesday April 29th the male osprey stepped on one of the four eggs while beginning his shift incubating the eggs. The clip shows him putting his talon around the egg and putting his weight on it. This happens twice, each time he slipped off and had to balance himself with his wings. He then proceeded to settle on the eggs. All this took about a half a minute.

Male stepping on an egg — (1.3 min)

First Chick Hatches (5/17/03)

You can see the egg in the middle bottom of the picture start to open. It tries several times to break out and then succeeds. The adults are excited and keep checking the egg and then fly off. After the chick breaks out, the hen sits down and covers the chick. A little while later the chick can be seen as the hen repositions herself, and finally, the hen leaves the nest for a moment and the chick is visible with the remaining eggs.

First egg hatches — (6 min)

Breakfast escapes (5/19/03)

At 7:40 AM on Monday May 19, a fish (originally thought to be a bird due to the dramatic action) that seemed destined to be chick food got lucky when the osprey parents botched the hand off. The male flew off and later came beck with another fish (not shown).

Escape - a bit of drama — (2.6 min)

Defensive Posture (5/19/03)

The hen defends her chicks — (1 min).

Feeding the Chicks (5/21/03)

You can see the hen make sure that each of the chicks gets fed.

Feeding the chicks — (12 min)

Purely an Accident (6/3/03)

The hen accidentally rolls very stuffed chick over — (50 sec)

Sibling Rivalry (6/16/03)

One chick pecks the other chick, then stands upright (challenge stance). Second chick then comes after the first chick and begins to push it from behind, eventually the first chick gives up and lays down.

Aggressive chicks — (5 min)

An Evening Practice — early prepping for first flight (6/27/03)

This clip is actually three separate clips taken from the same 30 minute segment. The chicks are facing into the breeze and practice flapping and hopping, exercising their wings. One chick almost lifts off as the wind catches it's wings.

Night practice — (3.25 min)

Afternoon Practice — (7/7/03)

Another clip of the chicks taking turns flapping and hopping, but they do so for much longer periods of time than the June 27 clip. Their feathers are much longer and they actually start to lift off as they flap, but since they are also holding onto the nest, they don't take off.

Afternoon practice — (3 min)

Trading Fish — (7/9/03)

The female has been feeding the chicks for the last half hour, and the chicks take turns picking at the fish. The male shows up with another fish and the chicks try to get it from him. One chick ("A") takes the fish, the other ("B") turns away. The male then goes to the female and grabs her fish! She doesn't seem to want him to take it, but he yanks it away and takes off.

Fish exchange — (2 min)

My Turn! — (7/9/03)

The chick that took the fish from the male (chick "A") has been eating it for 23 minutes. Chick "B" has been circling and chirping to get it's share. Finally, chick "B" has waited long enough and circles the other and moves in to steal the fish. Chick "B" then proceeds to take it's fill.

Stealing a fish — (2.3 min)

One week later and we're almost ready! — (7/14/03)

It's early in the morning (6:54) and the chicks have been taking turns flapping and lifting off. The oldest chick actually flies out of the camera view for a few seconds. They are getting good and strong.

Almost ready — (3 min)

Attack Thwarted — (7/15/03)

July 15, 12:36 PM, both the chicks are lying motionless next to the grass. The hen is sitting on the perch and calling. The hen then circles the nest, lands and becomes very agitated, screeching and holding her wings out. Suddenly a shadow flies in from the north and the hen crouches down and then flips over exposing her talons upward. As the attacker flies by she flips back on her feet and watches the other bird as it flies away. The attacker makes several more passes and the hen leaps up at it. On the final pass, the hen leaps up and flies off. During the entire incident and for the next 30 minutes or so, the chicks don't move or make any sounds. At 14:00 (2:00 PM) the 2 chicks and the hen are all moving about the nest as usual.

Thwarting an attack on the nest — (3.6 min)

First Chick Fledges — (7/16/03)

July 16, 6:00 AM, first chick leaves the nest. An adult was on the perch and the chicks were calling to it. The adult left and the smaller (# 2) chick started doing exercise lift offs. After several lift offs it went up and to its right (west) and disappeared.

First fledge — (4 min)

Second Chick Fledges — (7/16/03)

July 16, 2003 13:19 (1:19PM): Both chicks were in the nest, the larger (#1) was exercising and pacing about the nest, the other (#2) was lying down behind the grass. #1 took off for the perch but misses, (you can hear it hit the perch). The other chick sits up and watches as #1 circles above and around the nest. #1 finally succeeds in landing on the perch and #2 appears to call out approval, then does a little victory dance. The two call back and forth as #1 sits on the perch.

Second fledge — (2 min)

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