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Osprey Cam — 2003 Season

The Ospreycam went live at 5:21 PM on March 24th, 2003.

The Ospreycam was removed from the site for Winter storage on November 16, 2003.


Wrap up of the season, Weekly Commentary and FAQs

A season wrap up, the archived weekly commentaries on ospreys and their behavior by experts associated with the Dennis Puleston Osprey Fund as well as Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ) with answers are available on the "Weekly update and FAQ page".

Highlight Clips from the 2003 Season

Video clips from the Dennis Puleston Osprey Cam.

Archived Still Pictures from the 2003 Season

Stills from the Dennis Puleston Osprey Cam.

The Fourth Egg Hatched (5/24/03)

The fourth egg hatched early on the 24th, but the fledgling does not appear to have survived for very long.

A Third Egg Hatched (5/20/03)

A third egg hatched in the afternoon of the 20th. A video clip will follow.

A Second Egg Hatched (5/18/03)

Either late on the 17th or early on the 18th a second egg hatched. Again, better times will be available when the video is reviewed.

The First Hatching of an Egg (5/17/03)

Evidence of one of the eggs beginning to hatch was observed around 7 am. The fledgling was free of the egg by around 9 am. Watch the video clip — (6 min).

Four Eggs Now (4/18/03)

A fourth egg arrived either on the 17th or 18th.

The Third Egg has Arrived (4/14/03)

More details will follow soon.

Producing the Second Egg (4/11/03)

View clip (10.5 min)

Producing the First Egg (4/8/03)

Long clip (19 min)
Short clip (4:35)

Highlight Clips

Video clips from the Dennis Puleston Osprey Cam.

Archived Still Pictures

Stills from the Dennis Puleston Osprey Cam.

Other Osprey Cams

Blackwater Osprey Cam in Blackwater Refuge, Maryland.

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