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2008 Season

2008 Season


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A Problem Transferring a Fish (3/31/08)

The male osprey arrives with a fish for the female, but is unable to release it from his talon. After some futile attempts at transferring the fish, the female grabs hold of the fish and takes off, dragging the male off of the nest. Both birds are seen later on the nest, so the male was able to release the fish without being injured.

Fish exchange problem — (50 seconds)

Three Birds on the Nest (4/01/08)

Around 9:50 in the morning, a third bird lands on the nest. The three birds then spend about four awkward minutes together on the windy nest until two of them fly off. On tries to return shortly afterwards, but is repelled by the remaining bird who spends a few agitated minutes recovering.

Three birds on the nest — (8 minutes 40 seconds)

The "Bear" (4/03/08)

Just before 6 AM, a dark animal was oserved in the upper left corner of the frame. This short clip shows a dark shape moving right to left for a few seconds in the upper left corner. The actual color of the animal cannot be determined since the camera was in black and white mode at the time.

The "bear" — (30 seconds)

Another Animal Sighting (4/07/08)

Around 6:15 AM, two animals can be seen crossing the clearing below the nest in the upper left corner of the frame. Two dark shapes can be seen moving from left to right, separated by about twenty seconds. Again, the camera is in black and white mode, so the actual color of the two animals cannot be ascertained. Could one of these animals be the one sighted on April 3rd?

Two animals sighted — (1 minute)

The First Egg (4/10/08)

The clip starts at approximately 4:30 PM with the female on the nest. The male arrives but does not stay long. Shortly after the male leaves, the contractions of the female can be clearly seen and, even with the wind noises, heard. Just after 5 minutes into the clip, the female stands and the egg is revealed.

First egg — (8 minutes 30 seconds)

Lightning Strike (4/12/08)

This clip begins at 1:08 PM. About two minutes in you can hear thunder and at around 3:20 in there is a momentary glitch where the screen goes black. Finally, at just after 6 minutes into the clip, the signal is lost, the screen goes blue and there is a very load clap of thunder (you might want to turn your sound down a little before this point). After the thunder dies away, the sounds of wind and large raindrops can be heard until the clip ends.

Lightning strike — (7 minutes 45 seconds)

View from the Barn (4/13/08)

While checking out the setup in the barn trying to determine the extent of the damage done to the system during yesterday's storm, a video camcorder was connected into the system and trained on the nest. Three of the clips below are what was recorded before the batteries in the camcorder died. The main purpose of the exercise was to check out the electronics chain, but there are a few different views in the clips.

In the middle of the session there was a commotion on the nest (see the fourth clip). It took a little time to notice the commotion and to note that the camera was zoomed in too tight to fully see what was going on. By the time the camera was reached and zoomed out, the commotion was over. Reviewing the clip, it looks like one or both of the males collided with the arm holding up the camera and microphone, and the sound of the impact can be heard. I did not witness the event since I was hurrying to the camera at the time. I saw ospreys flying in the area afterwards, but I saw no other osprey land on the nest before I left a little after noon.

View from barn - 1 — (6 minutes 30 seconds)

View from barn - 2 — (30 minutes)

View from barn - 3 — (5 minutes 40 seconds)

The commotion — (7 minutes)

Another View from the Barn (4/19/08)

Several hours of video were made with a camera pointed out a window at the top of the silo in the barn housing the ospreycam computer system. Below are the raw video files. A set of highlight clips should follow soon.

View from the silo - 1, start 12:14 PM — (22 minutes)

View from the silo - 2, start 12:37 PM — (30 minutes)

View from the silo - 3, start 1:07 PM — (30 minutes)

View from the silo - 4, start 1:37 PM — (30 minutes)

View from the silo - 5, start 2:07 PM — (30 minutes)

View from the silo - 6, start 2:37 PM — (30 minutes)

View from the silo - 7, start 3:07 PM — (30 minutes)

View from the silo - 8, start 3:37 PM — (18 minutes 42 seconds)

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