Observations on Dennis' Nest site (2005):

Observer Date/Time Observation # young Other species using nest
Diane Thu Sep 29 7:08 pm Well, I must say that I enjoyed my first season of observing the webcam. It was bittersweet to see the empty nest and our family gone. Thank you to everyone who participated and gave of their time and energy. 0  
Marie Wed Sep 28 4:14 pm No way I can get on this cam observation today..........what's up? 0  
Nancy L. Wed Sep 28 9:12 am testing 0  
Tim P Wed Sep 28 7:30 am Mocking Birds on the nest.
48F Wind is calm.
Tim P Tue Sep 27 9:17 pm Calm tonight, The GHO is on the scene.
63F Wind from the North @ 5mph
Was a Beautiful day here on LI today.
  Tue Sep 27 6:11 pm Sun still shining...breeze blowing...birds a singing...trains a rolling...engines growling and frog calling (if i turn my volume up loud enough) 0  
Marie Tue Sep 27 3:57 pm Wind blowing as usual and the vegeation down below blowing, or is it the nest camera that moves in the wins. Plane going over head and crows and Blue Jays sounding off. Nothing else catches my ear, beside the blustery wind. Sun is out so another lovely day on L I. Oh, now I hear some gulls. 0  
Tim P Mon Sep 26 11:01 pm Tropical feel to tonight.
Raining , 71F wind still from the SSW 18mph Gusting to 27.
First rain for me in 2 1/2 months. :)
Marie Mon Sep 26 10:54 pm Nasty weather out there........makes me shiver........
Nothing to hear but the howling wind.
Trish Mon Sep 26 10:39 pm Dark and majorly windy. Can hear nithung but a steady gale blowing. 0  
Tim P Mon Sep 26 6:55 pm 72F Wind from the SSW @ 16mph
Showers this evening... Possible thunderstorms.
Expect the wind to change from the NW with gusts of 35mph.
Remnants of Rita.
Tim P Mon Sep 26 6:09 am 68F Wind from the SSW @ 10mph
Showers this afternoon.
Marie Sun Sep 25 11:05 pm Only the wind tonight and insect life........
No owl at this time...all is very quiet.
Tim P Sun Sep 25 8:30 pm Very Dark & Quiet.
68F Wind from the SSW @ 10mph
Moon is @ last quarter 43% is illuminated.
Tim P Sun Sep 25 1:32 pm 71F Wind from the SSW @ 14mph
Overcast, Humidity 50%
Marie Sun Sep 25 11:46 am Another beautiful day on Long Island. A little wind. Sounds like a low flying aircraft going over. Suddenly the bird silence is interrupted by Blue Jays, Crows, Cat bird, but as usual any bird life that visited the nest this am. has long gone. 0  
Tim P Sun Sep 25 6:45 am 48F Wind is 1mph from the ENE
Sounds of Ducks, Geese & Gulls.
cathleen Sun Sep 25 12:11 am Oh, Marie --- I just tuned in and am hearing the GHO at some distance, I am sure! It is every 20 - 30 sec. and it's the very first time for me. Distant honking geese above faraway traffic sounds. 0  
Marie Sat Sep 24 7:30 pm Just as it really starts to get dark who should we hear but the wonderful booming sound of the great Horned Owl........he sure is someone we can count on. He calls every 30 secs at this time. 0  
Marie Sat Sep 24 7:18 pm Just heard a Great Blue Heron close by but not on the nest....;-(( Light is fading fast. Geese down below and canine friends out and about this busy Saturday evening. 0  

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