Observations on Dennis' Nest site (2006):

Observer Date/Time Observation # young Other species using nest
Tim P Sun Oct 1 5:38 pm Adult osprey standing on the nest.
65 °F / 18 °C
terryo Sun Oct 1 2:37 pm Osprey chirps on cam perch. 0  
Tim P Sun Oct 1 1:00 pm The honking osprey on the perch is complaing about the crow who dropped in for fish scraps. 0  
cathleen Sun Oct 1 1:00 pm Crow lands on the nest - grunting heard from the cam perch. 0  
  Sun Oct 1 12:54 pm And then there were none. The adult has flown from the nest to the perch.
Rain is finished for now.
RI Osprey Fan Sun Oct 1 12:53 pm Adult on the nest with a fish. 0  
terryo Sun Oct 1 12:50 pm The adult is chirping away. I love their "song bird" repertoire when they chirp. I've only heard it a few times and call it song bird for lack of a better description. 0  
Tim P Sun Oct 1 12:46 pm The juvenile has flown from the nest.
And then there was one.
terryo Sun Oct 1 12:36 pm I agree Tim, it's a crow on the cam perch cawing every few minutes, the ospreys don't appear concerned. 0  
Tim P Sun Oct 1 12:32 pm Another clunk on the perch and the adult osprey begins to honk and chirp.
Tim P Sun Oct 1 12:26 pm Now it appears that the bird on the perch is a crow.
I did hear a third osprey though, unless one of these sitting two has become a ventriloquist.
Tim P Sun Oct 1 12:18 pm Sounds as though a third osprey has landed on the camera perch.
Tim P Sun Oct 1 12:06 pm Both ospreys are seemingly done with their feeding for the moment.
They stand facing each other; the adult is making some slight chirping calls.
The two now raise wings as they face each other and both poke at each other with their beaks.
Crows in the distance seem to have their attention.
terryo Sun Oct 1 12:04 pm That's a very sweet pict of the juvie and adult standing next to each other just looking around, never will know but I wonder if they're related. 0  
Tim P Sun Oct 1 11:58 am The immature osprey seems to have had its fill of the fish for now, but holds the remains underneath himself in its talon. The adult continues to feed on its fish. Heavier rain has begun to fall as this front moves across Long Island from the southwest. 0  
Tim P Sun Oct 1 11:35 am Two osprey continue to quietly feed as a light rain falls over them.
Wind 15 mph / 24 km/h from the SW gusting to 20 mph / 32 km/h
63 °F / 17 °C
Trish Sun Oct 1 10:57 am One of them is occasionally cheeping as it eats, somewhat reminiscant of #3.
Tim P Sun Oct 1 10:48 am That was me below. 0  
  Sun Oct 1 10:47 am Correction to my previous observation:
The second bird to arrive on the nest appears to be an adult
(Iâm not seeing the scalloped feathers)
The juvenile is a large bird, maybe because itâs in the foreground it appears larger then the adult.

Wind 10 mph / 17 km/h from the South
Capt'n Tuna Sun Oct 1 10:45 am Very fresh catch on second fish....still flappin it's tail. 2  

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