Observations on Dennis' Nest site (2007):

Observer Date/Time Observation # young Other species using nest
KDBSNY Sat Oct 13 6:51 am IS THE CAM OFFLINE? 0  
Mickey Thu Oct 11 8:06 pm Its very dark out .....Oh wait.The web cam is turned off hahahahaha 0  
Carla Sun Oct 7 10:01 am Sunshine, wind, and empty nest. Looks like that awful looking fish is gone. Crows are not my favorite birds but will give them credit for removing the fish. 0  
sami Sat Oct 6 2:45 pm Two crows at the E side...one is sporadically working on the dead fish.

The other is at the 3 o clock edge, facing toward the center of the nest. This one is making repetitive sound in pairs as it bends its head downward...it's like the "clicking" sound you hear when clicking one's tongue in your mouth.

Trishrg Sat Oct 6 12:34 pm I hope this works, since I can't go back and edit, but these are the reason the fish keeps moving.

I've seen the crows in and out of the nest several times this morning.
Pam Sat Oct 6 12:13 pm Someone has brought that fish back - it was not there when I last looked. 0  
Carla Sat Oct 6 12:12 pm Nest empty at moment. Piece of fish is in different position then earlier so something has been there in between checks. sounds windy. 0  
RI osprey fan Sat Oct 6 11:42 am Looks like the same fish. Crow on the nest checking out the fish and then just walking around. 0  
Pam Sat Oct 6 11:19 am Oops, I believe the fish has now gone (since this morning earlier). Slight breeze ruffling the foliage below the nest now. 0  
Pam Sat Oct 6 7:39 am Every time I look in at the cam the fish has been moved slightly. It is a sorry sight now, pecked away at by visiting birds and worked on by the flies. Today is the same as yesterday, dull, very calm and quiet. 0  
Trishrg Fri Oct 5 8:51 am 3 crows are doing clean up on the leftover fish. 0 Crows
Pamela Fri Oct 5 8:51 am Three large black crows on the nest pecking at the fish.
Pam Fri Oct 5 7:18 am It is a very still, quiet morning with no sun yet. The fish lies on the north rim of the nest. It now appears to have holes in it. No sounds of birds at this time and nothing stirs. 0  
Kelly Thu Oct 4 5:20 pm BH just arrived; picking away at the leftovers ... yummy! 0  
RI osprey fan Thu Oct 4 12:28 pm Thta's gotta be that same fish. Guess nobody wants it. 0  
sami Thu Oct 4 8:01 am Mockingbirds arrive but show no interest in the day old fish.... 0  
sami Thu Oct 4 7:46 am Yipes. The GBH sounded off!! I guess it is still resting on the perch...oops, it just took off. 0  
sami Thu Oct 4 7:06 am Osprey chirping nearby.... 0  
Celeste Thu Oct 4 7:05 am Blue Heron has decided to fly to the cam perch! 0  
sami Thu Oct 4 7:04 am Wow...what a beautifully elegant bird! It decided to get a better view by flying up to the perch. 0  

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