Observations on Dennis' Nest site (2009):

Observer Date/Time Observation # young Other species using nest
Celeste Tue Aug 25 5:57 am The only observation at this time is that the "tree" is blowing in the wind, distant sounds of geese, but no signs of osprey near or afar. 0  
Shelley Mon Aug 24 4:36 pm I just tuned in to see a tiny light-coloured bird with a dark tail, hopping around in the nest. Probably not as tiny as it appears, just that we are used to the size of osprey! It just took off. Made no sound and the sun was shining so I couldn't get a true sense of its colour, other than the way I described it above 0  
cathleen Mon Aug 24 4:18 pm Thank goodness, and thanks, Tom.
No sounds of any kinds of birds. Just a steady stiff breeze on the nest, and its greenery. Overcast.
Pam Mon Aug 24 3:21 pm Cam is up and running again...thanks Tom. Very still and dry. No birds to be seen or heard right now. 0  
Pam Mon Aug 24 12:21 pm No cam available today so far 0  
cathleen Sun Aug 23 7:52 pm All quiet on the black and white evening nest. Just the nest tree waving in the breeze. No bird sounds. 0  
Nancy L Sun Aug 23 3:26 pm Empty nest - all's quiet. 2  
Shelley Sun Aug 23 1:28 pm Nest empty, breeze blowing, skies overcast. No rain, as far as I can tell 0  
Celeste Sun Aug 23 6:06 am Bittersweet time of year when each morning greets me with quiet surroundings and a quiet and empty nest. 0  
Nancy L Sat Aug 22 10:24 am Empty nest - quiet. Hurricane Bill should pass off shore later today/night. 2  
Shelley Sat Aug 22 8:04 am Empty nest but it looks sunny at the moment 0  
Celeste Sat Aug 22 5:58 am All is quiet on the nest and the surroundings..faint sounds of geese in the background...stormy weather expected today. 0  
erik2 Fri Aug 21 6:21 pm windy em-tee nest, awaiting stormy weather 0  
Nancy L Fri Aug 21 11:29 am Empty nest. Hazy, hot & humid again today. No bird sounds; just the breeze. 2  
Pam Fri Aug 21 9:48 am Osprey chirping somehwere near 0  
cathleen Fri Aug 21 9:00 am Alarm chirps in the background. Very windy but sunny this morning. 0  
Pam Fri Aug 21 6:08 am Dry, windy.....empty !! 0  
Celeste Fri Aug 21 6:07 am Except for the wind...everything and all is quiet. 0  
Liz Thu Aug 20 4:40 pm Soft, slow, rapsy chirping near nest. 0  
Pam Thu Aug 20 4:09 pm Osprey chirps somewhere nearby. 0  

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